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Leg weakness or shaky legs is not surprising while doing the exercise. But, do your legs start shaking after climbing stairs? Does reaching up to the hill of your office feel like a herculean effort? If yes, take this into the note.

Leg weakness could be a symptom of muscle problems. Muscles tend to lose their strength and pass on the sensation of pain, weakness, heaviness when you are on the move. Often people take it as a sign of aging, but there could be many underlying reasons for it.


You could experience leg weakness while climbing up the stairs because of:


Some neurological disorders occur when the body produces inadequate adrenal gland hormones or when the nerve cells present in the brain and spinal cord die. It causes muscle weakness, pain, fatigue, and joint pain.

Nerve Compression

Compression or damage of nerves running down your lower back or legs causes heaviness and pain in the legs, making it difficult for you to walk upstairs.

Poor blood circulation

Improper blood flow throughout the body, in the condition when fatty deposits build up around the artery walls or blood clots in the blood vessels, causes leg numbness, weakness, swelling thus, reducing their ability to work properly.


For strengthening your leg muscles, perform some effective leg strengthening exercises like squats, lunges, etc., and develop a well-rounded exercise routine. It would ensure efficient movement of muscles, proper blood circulation, thus making them strong enough.

Eat a healthy diet rich in nutrition, whole grains, and include fruits and vegetables to benefit your body and increase your muscle power.

Another natural remedy to get rid of leg weakness, pain or heaviness is Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement . This supplement is made from sun-dried turmeric, green tea, flaxseed, black pepper, and ginger extracts, which effectively treat joint pain and stiffness during any condition.


Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement


  • Exercise regularly within the average intensity.
  • Maintain a healthy and fit weight
  • Keep your sugar in control
  • Do not Smoke
  • Eat foods with low saturated fats
  • Take proper rest
  • Do not Overexert


Leg weakness is a commonly occurring problem, but if a person struggles to climb up the stairs and feel the painful cramping in legs, it is a concern of getting treatment rather than ignoring it. It could hit a person of any age, so one should maintain a healthy lifestyle and change his/her exercise and diet patterns.

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