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About us

The Brand

Bael Wellness is a brand known for high quality standards and uniqueness when it comes to people’s well-being. We invest enough time in research, analysis, design and quality control to make sure that we produce unique products that solve specific problems that people have in hand plus provide additional value add benefit. We believe that this is a key differentiator that puts us apart and makes us always exceed customer’s expectations.

While designing our products, we love to bring the best from across the world, be it materials, artisans, tools, technologies or anything else that we use in the process. Most times, we use non-petroleum based organic produces to bring the best from the nature.

We take proud in bringing best in class wellness products that fall into our DNA ‘Stay Awesome Naturally’.

Who We Are

With the passion of bringing best in class, niche, trendy & inspiring wellness products into main stream market place, we started a small scale business within a very limited geographic area in California, USA. Since then we have many loyal customers, mostly retailers, who are die-hard fans of our offerings. It is these customers who inspire us to take our products to larger deserving audiences. With this aim, we established BAEL WELLNESS in 2015.

At present, we sell our products to retailers who are interested to buy from us either in WHOLESALE or DROP-SHIP mode. We do offer special discounts through various trade shows in which we participate.

We would also love to work with you if you are a manufacturer’s representative too.

We believe in very strict MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy. Breaching of MAP policy may result in account termination.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need more information.