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When we talk about back pain, most of us tend to relate any back injury as the cause of it. But it is not true all the time, and not every person suffers from pain due to an injury.

In our day-to-day life, there are many possible causes that could be an unexpected source of back pain. The source could range from your everyday habits or your favorite pair of shoes. It could be anything!

Some of the unexpected sources affecting the back pain can be:



Smoking cigarettes is harmful to not only our heart and lungs but also leads to many other body problems. Cigarette smoking reduces oxygen flow to the muscles, which deteriorates and makes them weaker, painful, resulting in chronic back pain.

Poor Diet

The spine is the backbone that supports our body’s weight, and extra weight means extra pressure on the spine. A diet overloaded with fats and calories could make you gain weight, and being overweight or obese is a risk factor for severe back and joint pain.

Shoes and Sandals

Some of the footwear look great but could be hard on your back. Wearing shoes with worn-out soles or the ones without correct arch assistance and stability results in back pain and neck pain.

Shoulder bags and Wallets

We all carry a bag over our shoulders and a wallet in our pocket. If the bag or wallet is heavily stuffed, it could alter the spinal curve and sciatic nerve leading to back pain.

Body Posture

Remaining in the same position for a prolonged period, whether sitting on a couch, office chair, driving seat, or standing at one place, develops some discomfort for our back, leading to stiffness and aches. And, even slumped shoulders while looking at your computer screen or phone also contributes to muscle spasms.

Tips to Cure

Stay Active by practicing some exercises or doing yoga to ensure strengthening your muscles that support the back and spine and provide proper blood flow throughout the body.

Eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, grains to keep your weight under control and inflammation in check.

Bael Wellness Seat Cushion

Use a seat cushion when sitting for a long time. Bael Wellness Seat Cushion  is a major pain reliever. If you are constantly suffering from backaches throughout your workday when sitting in the office chair or driving seat, this seat cushion would relieve pain, correct the posture, treat pressure ulcers, and prevent spinal injuries.


Ever wondered these could be the causes of back pain? We never pay attention to detail and neglect things that should be taken seriously. We can provide you with another back support. Along with a nutritional diet and regular exercise, you can take Bael Wellness Back Support Supplement which is made from natural extracts for treating your back pain naturally.

Bael Wellness Back Support Supplement

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