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We go to the gym or follow an exercise routine to strengthen our muscles. But often, our feet - on which our whole body balance is dependent - are overlooked.

A foot comprises a quarter of body joints and dozens of muscles. If these muscles and joints are not given proper attention over time, it could lead to various foot complexities, joint pain, and bad posture.

For strengthening the foot muscles, you need not follow rigorous training. Following some tips and exercising will do.

Tips to Strengthen

  • Practice Toe Yoga

Toe yoga is a popular way to relieve pain, improve muscle strength and foot flexibility. There are basic and advanced level toe yoga asanas. Start with trying to move each of the toes independently. Once you are comfortable with it, you can practice advanced exercises like spreading the toes, bending the big toe while stretching the rest, and vice versa. You can practice these while lying on the bed or even when walking.

  • Workout

Numerous exercises could be performed while sitting on the chair and without any complicated equipment. You can practice toe curls with a towel, marble picking with toes, foot doming, and rolling a golf ball under your foot. These exercises automatically relieve arch discomfort, improve foot flexibility and mobility.

  • Perform Stretches

Place half of your foot on the step, and with stair support, try touching your heel to the ground. You can even lie back on the floor, extend your foot towards the ceiling, and start raising the leg firmly above the ground without bending your knee. You can practice this with the help of a belt or take help from someone. These stretches will strengthen not only the foot muscles but also the calf muscles. Perform two or four bouts of stretching exercises before starting the day or at the end of the day.

  • Wear Correct Footwear

Wearing high heels or flip-flops cause irreversible foot complexities. High heels tend to shorten the calf muscles and pressurize knees and hips, which results in various foot and joint problems. Similarly, hard-soled flip flops prevent the feet from walking in their natural shape. It disturbs the natural form of walking. Instead, opt for soft-soled footwear. These types of footwear are designed to suit your feet’s natural shape, allow easy and comfortable movement, and provide arch support. Also, prefer walking barefoot for some time in clean surroundings.

  • Give Yourself a Foot Massage

For relaxing the foot muscles and joints, perform a deep tissue massage using Bael Wellness Premium Hemp Seed Infused Soothing Balm .

Premium hemp seed infused soothing balm

You can even try a spa-like massage at home. Soak your feet in warm water, apply a lotion or some oil, and gently rub your palms on the arches of your feet and toe joints. If not in favor of rubbing your palms, you can massage by rolling a tennis ball under the arch of your feet.


A foot massage is always relaxing and comforting. But massaging your feet with our soothing balm has multiple benefits. Not just it relaxes the muscles, but it also relieves pain and swelling.

Who would want to miss availing these benefits for their feet? To know more or to purchase the product, visit Bael Wellness Premium Hemp Seed Infused Soothing Balm .

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