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Muscle Strain: What You Need to Know About Pulled Muscles

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1. Introduction (What is it?)

Muscle strain can often occur when you are working out in the gym or handling heavy loads in routine life. The muscle fibers suffer due to either stretching too much or contracting under heavy pressure. In both cases, the damage happened is hard to know without a proper diagnosis.

2. Types of strain

The diagnosis of the nature of the pain is carried out only after careful understanding of the cause and condition of muscle strain. Doctors use Grade I strain, Grade II strain, and Grade III strain to categorize the three types of muscle strain, based on the severity of the damages.

Grade I strain: This is the regular category of strain, that we often refer to as pain. In it, the damage is very less, and the strength remains unaffected for any body part. The movement happens without any issues, but there's a feeling of slight pain as a consequence.

Grade II strain: This one is a little more serious and troublesome than the last one. The severity of damages is higher, with more number of damaged fibers. There can be some swelling visible on the injured body part with the feeling of some pain. Movement can be difficult and painful. The strength to do regular tasks is lower.

Grade III strain: This strain is the most severe type of all muscle strain. Broken bones can cause the muscle to stretch to swell. The muscle tissue can get stuck between two broken pieces of the bone or shear apart due to the pointed edge of the bone. Movement becomes almost impossible, as even the slightest shift in posture can cause considerable pain. At several events, the skin can tear apart with bones visible openly.

3. Causes and Remedies

Right from doing heavy exercise to falling due to misstep, anything can lead to a Grade II or III muscle strain. Whereas Grade I strain can happen due to stressed routines. You must consider applying Hemp Oil soothing balm if you have a continuous complaint of pain. It treats pain due to arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, tendonitis, or shin splints. It is a premium quality hemp soothing balm, which is a natural remedy for pain caused in all such conditions.

4. Prevention and treatment

The pain in the neck, back, shoulders, wrists, hands, knees, elbows, feet, ankles, heels, and hips due to routine activities can be avoided through below-mentioned preventions

  • After getting up in the morning, you can do some stretching exercises daily for 15 minutes
  • Never start with heavy workout immediately, do some lighter exercises first then gradually move to heavier exercises
  • Always do stretching before doing any workout or sports activities
  • Maintain a healthy diet that can help you accommodate routine physical stress
  • Follow recommended practice and technique while sitting, standing or lifting something

 In case even after a careful and conscious lifestyle, you still experience pain issues then use Hemp Oil soothing balm. It is an excellent remedy to use for relieving all kinds of discomfort due to joint pain, back pain, strained muscles.

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