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Do your legs start shaking up after walking up two flights of stairs? Is it a Herculean effort to walk up the hill at your office? Walk up to your cabin? Stand on your feet for more than ten minutes?

If yes, you probably need to do some leg strengthening. Developing strong and muscular legs take time & commitment, but nothing is hard enough. And when it comes to our body, we become more active and aware of it.


Some of the common reasons for weak legs can be excessive activities, no exercise, arthritis, sitting or standing for a more extended period, weakness in muscles, nerve damage, deficiency of nutrients, and low blood circulation.

One of the primary reasons can be people's sedentary lifestyle, which has a more significant impact on muscle flexibility, which causes severe leg pain. And at times, leg injuries can also be the cause of weaker legs.

Tips to Strengthen

Getting a leg massage can help stimulate blood circulation at the affected site. The increase in blood flow brings more nutrients to your worn-out leg muscles and repairs the damage.

You can use warm sesame, coconut, or olive oil for 15-20 min to relax the muscles.

Stay Hydrated by eating more water-rich fruits and vegetables. Drink more water to prevent dehydration of your body. 

Avoid caffeinated drinks as they can cause dehydration and thus leading to weakening and cramping of leg muscles.

Train your leg muscles with strength building and resistance exercises (like squats and lunges, yoga, and Tai Chi). Enhance the muscular strength, the endurance of leg muscles, and flexibility of the entire body.

Go for a regular walk as keeping your leg muscles active is essential for building their strength and overall mass. Walking is a gentle exercise which you can perform when your legs feel kind of feeble

It tones and flexes your leg muscles and increases blood flow to the damaged tissue.

Consume a healthy diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium, and calcium, critical for leg strengthening. Nutritional deficiencies can hamper your blood circulation and energy levels that worsens the weakness of leg muscles.

Best Foods


Yogurts fortify Vitamin D. You can get 30 percent of your daily calcium intake from yogurts.


Though it's a staple in a kid's diet, most adults don't drink milk. A cup of fat-free milk will provide you 30 percent of your daily dose of calcium. But if fortified with Vitamin D, it'll be more beneficial.

Fortified foods

Foods like orange juice and cereals are vitamins and minerals fortified like Vitamin D and calcium, building strong bones.


Skipping out the greens, especially spinach, is a wrong call. Just one cup of cooked spinach is a daily dose of 25 percent calcium. It is rich in fiber, iron, and vitamin A.

And if you can't stomach spinach, add a handful of it in a fruit smoothie. You'll never know its presence, but it will show its effects.

Salmon and Tuna 

It is suitable for the heart and bones as well! Just three ounces of sockeye salmon is a daily dose of vitamin D. Tuna is another vitamin D enriched source.

For making your bones and muscles stronger, there should be a regular intake of nutrients and vitamins, which ensures to preserve the strength. It is also possible with a daily dose of Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement. It contains turmeric, green tea extract, flax seed extract, black pepper, ginger, and more extracts best suitable for building the strength you need.

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