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Did you wake up with an achy tailbone in the morning? Did the pain not let you breathe a sigh of relief throughout the day?

If yes. You probably slept in the wrong position.

What Increases Tailbone Pain If Sleeping Position is Not Proper?

The tailbone pain aggravates if the position is not proper. Sleeping in one position for a prolonged time makes the nerves lose their energy, restricting the waist to move. Which ultimately leads to pain, causes discomfort when you lay down, and wakes you up every now & then in the night.

Best Sleeping Positions

  • Sleep On The Side With a Pillow In Between the Knees

While sleeping on the side, place a pillow between your knees to keep your hips, pelvis, and spine in natural alignment.

Also, if there is a gap between your head and bed, or your waist and bed, consider placing a pillow in between.

  • Sleep On The Back With a Pillow Under Your Knees

You might be thinking that sleeping on the back will put pressure on the tailbone and worsen the condition. It does not.

In fact, lying on the back distributes the weight evenly, minimizes strain, and ensures proper alignment of the spine. While sleeping, place a pillow under your knees. It provides additional support, reduces stress, and helps maintain the spine's natural curve.  

  • Do Not Sleep On The Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is not recommended when suffering from tailbone pain. It pressurizes the neck and the back, places the body weight in the middle, and flattens the spine's natural curve.

However, if you prefer sleeping in this position, make sure you place a pillow under your head and the stomach.

Use a Tailbone Support Cushion

Sleeping in these positions using a pillow mentioned above can cure your tailbone pain to a great extent. But it is not enough. Apart from sleeping, most of the time is spent sitting. To ease the tailbone pain, you need to maintain a good posture when sitting. And a tailbone support cushion can help you maintain that without any effort.

The cushion:

- distributes the body weight evenly,

- takes the pressure off the tailbone,

- alleviates pain,

- ensures to keep the spine in proper alignment, and

- improves overall posture.

How is Bael Wellness Tailbone Support Seat Cushion Helpful?

Our Bael Wellness Tailbone Support Seat Cushion ensures appropriate posture on every seat you sit on, whether an office chair, kitchen chair, or car seat.


Bael Wellness (Pack of 2) Sciatica, Hernia, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion

The pillow comes in a cut-out design that distributes your body weight evenly and allows you to sit comfortably without exerting pressure all day long. It also features an anti-sliding back that prevents it from slipping away from the seat.


Tailbone pain may seem like a slight discomfort at first but could aggravate and make it hard to move if not taken proper care of. So, consider sleeping in the positions mentioned above and placing our tailbone support seat cushion to recover at the earliest.


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