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Do you return from work with achy and stiff feet, legs, or back? Do you have a footrest under your desk? If not, you will continue to return in the same condition.

Working from a desk brings many challenges. To curb those, appropriate posture and correct arrangement are important while working on a desk all day.

You need not do much. Just bring a footrest, place it under your desk, and put your legs on it. By not placing a footrest,  you may invite many problems.

Problems When Not Using Footrest

  • Back Problems

In America, a worker spends around 38 minutes an hour slouching. Inappropriate body posture or slouching while sitting strains the back. Which further leads to severe pain and other chronic back problems.

  • Circulation Issues

Sitting for too long without moving a bit leads to poor circulation. It ultimately results in chronic health conditions like varicose veins and blood clots.

  • Discomfort & Tension in Legs

Usually, chairs are designed for a standard-sized person. If your height is shorter than the average, your feet might not comfortably touch the floor and keep swinging. This further strains the muscles, tendons in the feet, calves, and ankles. Excessive pressure also leads to swelling.

Benefits Of Using Footrest

  • Improves Posture

Footrests allow your body to settle in the way it is meant to be naturally. It ensures the spine is aligned and the weight is distributed evenly. Sitting in an upright posture relieves pressure from the spine and alleviates back problems.

  • Boosts Blood Circulation

A footrest slightly elevates the position of your legs, which ensures proper blood circulation. You can even adjust the position of your legs.

  • Encourages Active Sitting

Footrests ensure comfortable motion of your legs. You can easily move your legs back & forth. Which helps you stay active all day.

  • Eases Pressure In Legs

No matter how long you sit, a footrest takes off the pressure from the legs.

  • Provides Optimum Comfort

Apart from all the health benefits, footrests are exceptionally comfortable. These allow you to put your feet and legs in a comfortable position all day.

Use Bael Wellness Premium Hemp Seed Infused Soothing Balm

Along with making this little addition of a footrest under your desk, massage the affected area with our Bael Wellness Premium Hemp Seed Infused Balm to treat the muscle pain & stiffness naturally. It relieves muscle stiffness, alleviates pain, releases muscle tension, improves blood circulation, loosen joints, and makes them flexible.

Premium hemp seed infused soothing balm


A footrest can bring immense comfort to your workspace. Thus, boosting your health and productivity at work.

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