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Tips For Traveling With Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the common ailments that most people suffer from. While traveling, sitting on a long flight or lugging a heavy suitcase feels like torture if you are a back pain sufferer.

But the backache should not stop you from seeing the world and having the time of your life. You need to take care of yourself by following proper tips to support your spine and reduce your pain while traveling.

Tips and things to take care

Pack light

Every item you put into your suitcase means you will have to hoist one more thing in the overhead bin or drag it from your car to the airport. You can make it easier for yourself by packing less and consider checking bags if you cannot carry them into the overhead bin.

This tip is applicable when you reach your destination too. While exploring, consider bringing a backpack rather than a one-shoulder bag that will burden up one side of your body. Tighten the straps so that the bag is as close as possible to your back, making the bag feel lighter. If you are carrying one shoulder bag, keep shifting it from one side to the other throughout the day.

Keep the stress in check

Many things ramp up the anxiety level, like being away from home, which can make the pain even worse. Keep your mind at ease by talking with your travel buddies, taking some rest breaks, and you can get a spa or a massage treatment.

Divert your attention from the pain with a book, videos, or music. You can carry tablets as these are lightweight.

Timing is everything

To prevent long lines at check-in and security, travel during off-peak season. Midweek tends to be less busy. Prefer checking in online when you can and try reaching the airport earlier than an hour suggested. On the trip, try to prevent traveling during heavy traffic and heavy holiday travel days so that you do not get stuck in traffic.

Drink water and rest

It is easy to get swept up in travel adventure, but do not forget the basics. Stay hydrated to manage your pain. Carry a water bottle with yourself so that you can fill it on the other side. And do not skip out your sleep. As your body needs time to recharge and stay fresh.

Take stretch breaks

While traveling, take some rest breaks for 10-20 mins to stretch out or to stroll down. As sitting for too long in the same position can cause stiffness and pain. If you cannot get up from your seat, you can do neck rolls or stretch your hands as high as you can.  

Carrying a lumbar pillow and travel neck pillow is one of the safest options!

Yes, we talked about packing light, but you should not avoid carrying something that can relieve your back pain. Lumbar pillow and neck pillow are worth packing as they help you to feel comfortable.

A travel pillow acts as a headrest and an airplane back pillow, which is not difficult to carry while traveling. People put travel pillow behind their back as a support for airplane seats, and it helps immensely.

The lumbar pillow is an irreplaceable pain reliever. It supports the spine by filling the gap between the chair and your lower back. This promotes maintaining a healthy posture and minimizes flare-ups of pain.

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