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How Your Phone's Blue Light Could Be Damaging Your Skin

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Are you glued to your mobile phone and laptop all day? Then you must be risking your skin's health, besides straining your eyes. You know how?

The blue light released from electronic devices tends to cause severe skin damage in the long run. However, we can minimize its effects by practicing healthy habits and taking good care of our skin.

Do you know - what exactly blue light is?

As we know, sunlight splits up into different colors, and each of the lights in the visible spectrum has different wavelengths and effects. Blue light is a part of the visible spectrum that has shorter but higher energy wavelengths.

It is beneficial during the day time as it boosts your attention, memory, and overall mood. Still, its effects can be severe on your health and skin if you have prolonged exposure to it.

Sun is the primary source of Blue light, but it also comes from some artificial sources like flatscreen LED televisions, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. The blue light flickers faster and casts a glare that affects your visual clarity and results in headaches, eye strains, etc. You get prone to such effects when the exposure to electronic devices is higher.

How does Blue Light damage your skin?

We spend almost our day interacting with the media through screens. But we do not realize it impacts our health right from our sleep, memory, metabolism, to our skin. Yes, it severely damages the skin cells and makes them age prematurely, and results in pigmentation.

Long-term exposure to blue light can have similar effects as UV light exposure causing wrinkles and skin discoloration.

According to the studies, blue light generates reactive oxygen, which leads to DNA damage causing inflammation, swelling, breakdown of healthy collagen, and elastin. Oxidative stress on the skin, and hyperpigmentation when it is exposed for a longer duration in blue light.

How to Protect your Skin from Blue Light?

Apply Screen Guards as most of you are used to working at home set up now and cannot shrink your screen time. But you can use shields or filters that block the blue light radiations, thereby reducing its harmful effects.

Sunscreen is a must as the sun is the primary source of blue light. So when you are outdoors, you need to make sure that your skin is well protected. A sunscreen with broad-spectrum, loaded antioxidants, non-chemical minerals, and a minimum of SPF 30 will work the best.

Watch your diet because you need to make sure that your diet should contain foods rich in nutrients like fresh fruits and vegetables, fighting off the radicals.

Indulge in Night Care Regimen with a night care cream and serum. Hyaluronic acid-rich products in the night care routine keep your skin hydrated, pigmented, and help it repair.

Choose the right skincare products loaded with natural ingredients and antioxidants to protect your skin from the unwholesome effects of blue light.


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