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According to a study, 90% of journeys to work, store, or some destination in the USA are traveled through cars or other modes of ground transportation every day. But sitting in a car is not like regular sitting. Around one in five people develop chronic back pain while traveling.

How is Back Pain Associated With Driving?

According to research, 50% of drivers reported low back pain in both the USA and Sweden.  Not just this, increased risk of neck and lower back pain was found in another Swedish study of over 1000 salespeople.

It is because they spend a long time driving their car. Prolonged sitting pressurizes the lower back and leads to back strains, which is the primary cause of lower back pain. In such a case, it becomes too painful for a person to even move around a bit.

Causes Of Back Pain While Driving

  • Vibrations

While driving, the natural frequency of the spine gets disturbed due to the constant vibrations and force, which increases the risk of lower back pain.

  • Posture

Poor posture such as slouching or, let's say, improper position of the neck, back, and legs while driving aggravates back pain.

  • Lack Of Support

Another reason that can cause back pain is the seat design, seat position, and lack of support in the back.

  • Precautions

- Sit at a comfortable distance from the steering wheel.

- Adjust your seat at the correct angle.

- Use lumbar support.

- Apply the ice pack on your back.

- Empty your back pockets when driving.

- Use cruise control in your car if it has the option.

- Take short breaks frequently and stretch it out.

- Sit in an appropriate posture.

- If your car has heated seats, turn them on.

How is Bael Wellness Sciatica, Hernia, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion Helpful?

Through a single addition of our back cushion to your car seat, you can keep all the back problems at bay and get rid of the ones you are suffering from.

Bael Wellness (Pack of 2) Sciatica, Hernia, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion

It supports the lumbar area of your back and helps to maintain the natural curve of your spine, which naturally relieves the back pain and soreness. The cushion has a cut-out that evenly distributes your body weight and automatically maintains correct posture without you checking now and then.


Be it your car seat, wheelchair, office chair, airplane seat, or dining chair, our lumbar support cushion makes sure to support your back with extreme comfort irrespective of the chair and duration you sit.

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