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How To Use A Travel Neck Pillow

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Traveling may sound good, but the after-effects are always painful.

Sleeping in transit is truly a matter of concern as our neck remains under constant stress, which ends you up in a state of extreme neck discomfort and pain.

You need not quit traveling, but a simple accessory can solve all the unforeseen issues that might come up during traveling long distances.

Benefits of Using Travel Pillow

  • Prevents Neck Pain

While flying, neck pain & discomfort is quite common. We often struggle to rest our heads and keep twisting & turning our necks in cramped space. A travel neck pain pillow provides added support and comfort to your neck and eliminates the struggle.

  • Balances Your Posture

Due to the limited seat space, the spine remains misaligned. Which further strains the back. And when you rest your head on a travel neck pillow, it keeps your spine aligned and ensures proper posture.

  • Reduces Snoring and Sleep Apnea

While traveling, sleeping with a neck pillow keeps your neck in proper position and ensures your airways are open.

How To Use a Travel Neck Pillow?

Apart from traveling, a neck pillow can also be used while sleeping in bed. To keep the natural curvature of your back healthy, you can use the neck pillow when sleeping on your back.

How To Wear a Travel Neck Pillow?

Travel neck pillow supports your neck, prevents neck pain, and keeps it stable only when worn in the right way. Do you place the travel neck pillow across your neck? You are wearing it in the wrong way.

Rotate the pillow, so that the U-shape comes under your chin in the front. This position of the travel neck pillow prevents your head from bobbing while you are asleep.

Dos & Don’ts of Travel Neck Pillow

Not many, but there are only a few things you need to take care of.

1. Don't use cotton, polyester, or inflatable travel neck pillow

Cotton, polyester, and inflatable travel neck pillows seem comfortable at first but are extremely uncomfortable. These neck pillows provide quite a little support to bones and also cause skin irritation.

2. Do use a travel neck pillow with memory foam

Memory foam is considered to be the best sleeping material for many reasons. It easily adjusts to the person's neck structure, provides optimum comfort, and eliminates the risk of neck pain & soreness.

How is Bael Wellness Specialty Travel Neck Pillow & Cushion?

Our Bael Wellness Speciality Travel Neck Pillow & Cushion allows you to have a good, quality sleep while traveling. It is innovatively designed with anti-allergic velour fabric and memory foam. The pillow comes with an adjustable knot closure, which saves you from adjusting the pillow every time you change your head position.


Bael Wellness Specialty Travel Neck Pillow & Cushion


A travel neck pillow is essential for sleeping in transit. But remember, only the right travel neck pillow can grant you your much-needed comfortable rest on the way and avoid chances of neck issues.

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