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Many of you devote a better chunk of your life to working for approximately nine hours daily. And make countless efforts to achieve your career goals. But, sometimes, overworking leads to health issues. Here are a few signs that work could be hurting your well-being:

Hand and wrist pain

Long working hours with eyes stuck on the computer screens, with repetitive movements, can cause pain in your hand and wrist. Here are a few ways to reduce the pain and manage the work in a better way:

1. Moving at regular intervals

The activity will enable the movement between your joints and relieve body stiffness. Take short walks in the workplace corridors to maintain your body's flexibility.

2. Trying a squeezy ball

Squeezing a rubber ball is a perfect stress reliever that stimulates the nerves to signal to the brain to increase the flexibility of your hands and wrists.

3. Using a balm

Using a soothing balm helps to relieve stress-related pain that affects your hands and wrists. You can use Bael Wellness premium hemp seed-infused soothing balm, a natural remedy, to eliminate the pain.

Premium hemp seed infused soothing balm

Lower back pain

Sitting continuously at your desk for hours can lead to a common work-related problem, i.e., lower back pain. Slouching forward or slumping back on the office chair strains your spine alignments and back muscles. Here are a few tips to prevent back pain:

1. Making good posture

While standing or sitting, balance the body's weight evenly. Adjust the height of the office chair so that your feet rest properly on the floor and your thighs remain parallel to the floor to help improve posture.

2. Lifting heavy objects

While lifting heavy objects, hold the object closer to your body. Remain straight on your back while lifting. When the object is heavy, ask someone to help you.

3. Using a back cushion

Using a cushion for your back support will help to treat back pain naturally. You can use Bael Wellness lumbar support, back cushion, and pillow. You can place the cushion on the office chair for optimal spinal support.

Bael Wellness Lumbar Support Back Cushion & Pillow. Gel Enhanced Memory Foam with Mesh Cover

Neck pain

You feel neck pain due to constant sitting & shifting in front of the computer system. And further lead to discomforts like fatigue and irritation. Here are some easy ways to get rid of the pain:

1. Getting a relaxing massage

Neck massages are a great option to cure neck pain. Gently pressing around the painful area soothes your muscles to alleviate neck tension.

2. Trying heat and ice therapy

Heat and ice therapy reduces the swelling and inflammation that affects your neck. Use an ice bag or a heating pad for 20 minutes every few hours.

3. Using Travel Neck Pillow

Travel neck pillows are perfect for your neck. You can use a Bael Wellness travel neck pillow to support your neck in office to treat neck pain.

Bael Wellness Specialty Travel Neck Pillow


Take a healthy step forward by following these helpful tips for a brand-new lifestyle that will give you the work-life balance you have always wanted.


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