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Many of you may not think of your bone’s health until its density is reduced or affected by any disease. But you know what? The more your bones are flexible, the healthier your body is. And it is never too late to take care of your bones.

But first, let’s learn about the factors that affect your bones.

What causes bone loss?

The rate of bone loss in some people is more than in others due to the below factors.

1. Genetics

Family genes play an essential role in regulating the bone density in an individual’s body.

2. Hormones

Women experiencing reduced estrogen levels due to menopause will experience more bone loss than men.  

3. Medications

People on medications may suffer bone loss as consuming medicines frequently may lead to the dispersal of nutrients in their bodies.

Tips to take care of your bone structure changes with age

Most people's bone mass level peaks at 30 and begins to decline afterward steadily. Fortunately, there are many preventive measures to keep bones healthy and strong.

1. Try to get a regular bone density scan

Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a bone density scan. The scan helps you to know the effects of aging on bones and how strong or dense your bones are, and whether you are at any risk of old age bone disease or not.

2. Try to eat a balanced diet

Eating a well-balanced diet rich in vitamin D and calcium is important to maintain effective bone health. So, try to eat dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and seafood such as salmon to strengthen your bones.

3. Try to maintain a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy or normal weight is best for protecting your bone health. Both being underweight and overweight increases the risk of old age bone diseases. Here is a helpful tip for you - avoid drinking beverages high in sugar and reduce the excessive use of your electronic devices.

4. Try to limit drinking alcohol

Excessive drinking of alcohol leads to osteoporosis – a medical condition in which the bones become fragile and brittle. If you are a woman, limit the alcohol to only one glass a day. And, for men, not more than two glasses a day.

5. Try to perform physical activity

One of the keys to keeping your bones strong is physical activity. You can perform any physical activity such as walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, or light stretching for at least 30 minutes daily for strong bone health.

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Although bone loss is a reality of aging, with these easy dietary and lifestyle tips, you can ensure that your bones stay strong, healthy, and capable throughout all stages of life.


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