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How to Treat Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain with Just a Tennis Ball

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Sciatic Nerve Pain is common due to a hectic work schedule, caused due to continuous sitting or carrying heavy loads (bags, files, or papers), leading to discomforts like lower back pain and spondylitis pain, and uneasiness in the body. But the good news is, it is curable.

Let’s, take a quick look at some facts related to sciatic nerve pain before we jump on to its preventions and cures.

Which is the Sciatic Nerve?

The biggest nerve of your body that extends from the lower back to the toes of your leg is the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is present on both sides of your body, right and left.

What is Sciatic Nerve Pain?

The pain that occurs from your lower back, including your hips, to each leg of your body, is sciatic nerve pain. The pain causes discomfort in the lower back and legs, irritation, and weakness.

Reasons of Sciatica

  • Lack of Exercise and Excess Weight

Not exercising frequently and excess weight causes pressure on the lower spine, leading to sciatica.

  • Diabetes

For people suffering from diabetes, the chances of nerve damage increase, leading to cause them sciatica.

  • Pregnancy

For pregnant ladies, sciatica causes pain in their neck and back and discomfort in their legs and hips.

Treatment for Sciatic Pain

  • Practice Yoga Twice a Week

To strengthen your muscles and improve their flexibility, practice yoga at least twice a week.

  • Take out some Time to Stand and Walk from Continuous Sitting

Be sure to stand up and walk from your continuous sitting by equally dividing your body weight on both legs.

  • Stop Smoking

Avoid smoking because it reduces blood circulation to the lower spine and the bone density of your spinal disks.

Treatments for Sciatic Pain

  • Heat Bags

You can place a manual or an electric heat bag on your lower back or beneath your leg to feel some relief from sciatic pain.

  • Massage

A good massage from a physiotherapist or a masseuse also helps reduce sciatic pain.

  • Acupuncture

Pressing the acupuncture points for sciatic pain also helps relieve the sciatic pain.

Tennis Ball Therapy

Tennis ball therapy triggers your piriformis muscle near your sciatic nerve. When you press the part of your back that causes pain with the help of a tennis ball, your muscles release the tension, becoming more flexible and increasing blood circulation.

How to perform the Tennis Ball Therapy?

Lie down on the tennis ball and adjust it accordingly, so it is pressed on the right painful spot on your lower back. Roll up and down, holding the tennis ball on the painful points for a minimum of 30 seconds. Repeat the same for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Advantages of Tennis Ball Therapy

Other than lower back pain, tennis ball therapy is beneficial for massaging your feet, thighs, knees, and hips.

You can take the tennis ball anywhere with you, either by placing it in your bag or briefcase to have relief from discomfort anywhere you want.

The therapy is affordable.


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