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What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful condition that is associated with your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve extends from your lower back to the end of your leg. You feel sciatic pain starting from the lower back to your buttock and eventually to your thigh and legs. The pain can be mild or severe, causing problems in your daily activities like walking, sitting, etc.

You can take medications to reduce your sciatic pain, or, you can also choose massage therapy as it is a natural and effective way to relieve your pain without any side effects.

How Can Massage Ease Sciatic Pain?

Gently massaging can release the pressure from your tense muscles. It can help to relax your tight muscles, relieve pain in your sciatic nerve, and improve mobility. Massage also helps release endorphins and improves blood circulation in your lower back and legs, reducing your pain.

Some Effective Massages for Sciatica Pain

There are various types of massages available to ease your sciatica pain, such as:

Myofascial Massage

Myofascial massage helps to release pain from your myofascial tissues, which surround your muscles. The therapists put pressure and stretch your trigger points to pressure off your nerves and muscles. It helps to remove stiffness and pain within your myofascial tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage helps to ease muscular and sciatic pain. The therapists focus on removing the knots and adhesions in your muscles that disrupt the blood flow. It relaxes and soothes your muscles, lower back, and sciatica nerve.  

Neuromuscular massage

Also known as trigger point therapy, it helps release pain from the trigger points in your body. The therapists focus on the areas which cause inflammation in your muscles and lead to sciatica pain. It helps to release your contracted tissue and reduces pain.

Natural Ways to Ease Your Sciatica Pain

Other than painkillers and massage treatment, you can also make changes in your daily lifestyle to prevent sciatica.

  • Improve your posture during office or household work. You can use lumbar support in your chair to provide extra support to your lumbar region.
  • Get Up and Move frequently. Continuous sitting in one place can stress your sciatic nerve. Thus, it is essential to change your position and move around for a few minutes.
  • Take Magnesium or calcium bath. Magnesium is known to be effective for your bones and joints. You can take a magnesium bath to relieve your pain.

Benefits of Using Cushion and Supplement

If you are continuously sitting in one position for long hours, then you might experience back pain. Further, it can also distort your spinal curves and sciatica nerve. Lumbar support cushions or pillows provide support to your lower back while working. They can be beneficial in:

  • Correcting your body posture
  • Reducing discomfort while sitting for extended hours
  • Reducing strain in your spine and lower back, which in turn helps to prevent conditions like sciatica in the first place

Use Bael Wellness Sciatica Support Seat Cushion

Bael Wellness Sciatica, Hernia, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion with Natural Back Pain Relief is a perfect solution to alleviate pain and aches. Whether you are suffering from sciatica or have back pain issues, you will feel instant pain relief. It is flexible and portable. You can place it behind your office, car, kitchen, or dining chair. It offers sufficient support and comfort while doing home or work activities.

 Bael Wellness Sciatica, Hernia, Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion with Natural Back Pain Relief

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