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Skin Inflammation: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

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We all have faced problems like rashes, redness, and itching on our skin. Such signs are skin inflammation, which is also known as dermatitis. Skin inflammation is a reaction of your skin against toxic irritants that result in infections and allergies. Skin inflammation can be stinging, or burning when touched. Sometimes the skin can get hot and blisters may appear with red, white or black pus.

What Causes Skin Inflammation?

Your immune system is your defense system against harmful substances. When your skin comes into contact with infectious disease, your immune system responds. Skin inflammation occurs when your immune system responds to a severe skin condition or disorder. Some common causes are:


When your immune system reacts to toxic particles, it can cause an allergic reaction on your skin. Certain medicines, perfumes, cosmetic items can also cause allergies on your skin.

Bacterial Infection

When your skin comes into contact with bacteria, it can cause rashes on your skin. Bacteria can also result in skin infections such as impetigo, cellulitis, and ringworms. These infections also cause skin inflammation on your body.

Other factors

When your skin is extra sensitive to sunlight, it can develop redness or rashes. Factors like extreme heat, genetics, or immune dysfunction can also cause inflammation on your skin.

How can you Treat Skin Inflammation?

There are two types of treatments available:

  • Topical: Treatments that can be applied on your skin
  • Oral: Medications that you can take for skin inflammation

Topical treatments include

  • Corticosteroid creams for treating your skin rashes, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Immunomodulators to normalize your immune system
  • Antibacterial or Antifungal creams to cure your fungal and bacterial infections
  • Anti-itch creams such as calamine lotion to prevent itching

Oral Medicines include

  • Antihistamines for treating your skin allergies
  • Dapsone for treating the dermatitis skin condition
  • Injections prescribed for skin diseases like psoriasis

Home Remedies to Prevent Skin Inflammation

  • You can keep cold, wet compresses on your skin to reduce irritation
  • You can take a warm oatmeal bath to soothe your skin. It is also effective in treating psoriasis and eczema
  • You can apply Tea Tree Oil for treating inflammation, and dermatitis
  • Taking Vitamin D supplements can be helpful for you in treating skin conditions like eczema
  • You can minimize the use of artificial cosmetic products. Instead, you can maximize the use of natural skin care products as an alternative

Use Bentonite Clay Mask to Prevent Skin Disorders

An organic face mask is effective in healing your skin. Bentonite Clay Mask contains all-natural ingredients like Bentonite Clay, Aloe Vera, and Lemon Peel Powder. Bael Wellness Clay Mask Bentonite is a perfect face mask to remove impurities and clear your skin.

By using this mask, you can get rid of toxic skin irritants that cause allergy and infections. You get softer and glowing skin. The Aloe Vera in it works as an anti-aging agent that rejuvenates your skin. Use it to treat skin disorders, and enhance your skin health.



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