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Did your muscles feel sore after taking off the backpack?

Well, carrying a backpack is something we do not put much thought into. But we should. Lugging it around all day is not as easy as it seems for anyone, be it a kid or an adult.

According to a survey, 2000 people reported backpack-related injuries. If not worn right, not just it strains our back, but it leads to various other health issues.

Let's look at how it can affect your body, the right way of wearing it, and how to relieve pain & stiffness.

Effects Of Heavy Backpack On Body

  • Affects Your Posture

You would not realize it at the moment, but a backpack majorly affects your posture. When a heavyweight is unevenly put on your shoulders, you automatically lean forward and cannot maintain the correct posture. This extra weight also tends to distort the natural curve of the spine.  

  • Weakens Core Muscles

Leaning forward with a heavy backpack pressurizes the lower back. But, over time, the pressure becomes out of control, leading to severe back pain, stiffness in the body, and making back & core muscles lose strength.

  • Increases The Risk Of Arthritis

The effects of a heavy backpack are beyond back pain. Carrying excessive weight causes wear & tear of joints across the spine, hips, and knee joints, which increases the risk of arthritis.

  • Causes Headache

Headache and severe neck discomfort are also some of the health effects of a backpack. When worn too low, it starts pulling the neck & shoulder muscles and compresses the nerves. Which further leads to headaches and pain down the arms.

Tips To Make It Light

- For better comfort & convenience, go for horizontal weight distribution.  

- Carry what is necessary.

- Strategically organize the contents.

- Pack heavier items on the bottom of the back.

How To Wear A Backpack?

  • Wear Both the Straps

Do not sling your backpack with one strap on one shoulder. Wearing both the straps distributes the weight evenly and reduces the risk of pain & injury.

  • Keep the Backpack Close To Your Body

Loose straps make the backpack swing while walking. Which, in turn, could strain your back muscles. Adjust the shoulder straps and make sure the backpack is high on the back and one or more inches above your waistline.

  • Wear the Extra Strap

If your backpack has a chest or waist strap, wear it. The chest strap keeps the shoulder straps in place, and the waist strap relieves the pressure from the shoulders & distributes the weight evenly.

How To Get Relief From Pain & Stiffness?

Now, when it comes to relieving pain and muscle stiffness, our  Bael Wellness Premium Hemp Seed Infused Soothing Balm is a natural yet effective solution. It gives you instant relief from back & joint pain, helps to loosen stiff joints, cures stiff muscles, and treats various other discomforts that might hinder your health.


Do not ignore it if you notice some pain in your back or the slightest discomfort while taking off or putting the backpack. Otherwise, this would lead to severe health issues in the future.

Know how to wear it and use our hemp seed infused soothing balm to relieve back pain and muscle discomfort.

Premium hemp seed infused soothing balm

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