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Winter is finally here. Many of us are happy that it’s time to snuggle in our fluffy blankets with a cup of coffee.

Breezy and slushy monsoons have ended, and there’s a change in temperature followed by a season of common winter ailments.

While gearing up for the frosty winters, we should look on its other side to welcome various health conditions due to sudden fall or dip in the temperature. 

Why do we fall sick in winters? 

We may fall sick regularly during winters. There could be several reasons behind it, which may include:

  • Sudden change in body temperature due to a fall in the climate. 
  • Oversleeping and Overeating are owing to the weather. 
  • A weak immune system attracts diseases, just like honey attracts honeybees. 

Winter diseases

The cold season cools your body, which makes simple illness harder to heal. Some of the common health conditions that people suffer from during winters are:

Sore Throat

It is the most common winter disease and is a sign that you may be suffering from a bad cold. Viral infections usually cause them. 


  • Dryness indoors 
  • Air pollutants 
  • Tumors in the throat 
  • Allergies 


  • Severe pain and scratchiness in the throat 
  • Red tonsils 
  • Swollen throat 
  • White patches in the throat 
  • Puss filled tonsils in the throat 


If you have asthma, cold winter air can cause wheezing, shortness of breath. Carrying inhalers with yourself is a must. 


  • Frequently contacted with specific allergens that you may be sensitive to.
  • If your parents have a history of viral infections


  • Severe coughing during winter nights or laughing or exercising 
  • Tightness in chest 
  • Whistling sound when breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Extreme tiredness


Unlike common winter illness, it is caused by a bacterial infection. It is a life-threatening disease that can be fatal and which starts from viral and fungal infection.


  • Many bacteria and viruses settle down in tiny holes of your lungs. This bacteria is found in liquid that clogs in your lung, thus developing shortness of breath.
  • Pneumonia can be caused by coughing, sneezing, or by touching an object.
  • The bacteria of pneumonia is so deadly that it can fill lung sacs with bacterial fluid. 


  • Severe cough 
  • High fever 
  • Shortness in breath 
  • Green phlegm and coughed up lungs
  • Chills 
  • Pain in muscles

Pain in Joints: 

People who have arthritis may experience pain in their joints during winters. One way to get rid of this is regular exercising, and it will change your overall health.


  • Gout 
  • Inflammation 
  • Arthritis 
  • Broken cartilage in the kneecap 
  • People suffering from influenza and hepatitis 


  • With pain being the primary symptom, there can be :
  • Swelling without any appropriate reason 
  • It can be the outcome of serious injury caused when you were young. 
  • Inability in moving the joints

Heart Attack: 

It rises during the winter season in comparison to others. People with high blood pressure may witness more strain in their heart due to cold winters. Your heart will have to work harder to maintain body heat. 


  • The buildup of plaque and artery walls thickens the arteries and slows down blood transfer to the whole body.
  • Unhealthy eating and being overweight can cause heart problems. 
  • Excessive smoking is also another cause. 


  • Pressure and squeezing in the chest that continually comes and goes. 
  • Severe pain in your neck, arms, jaw, and stomach 
  • Nausea and light headed on the inside.

Prevention of Winter Diseases

Winter has a high risk of getting sick as infectious diseases are available in the air. You must take precautionary measures to stay healthy and safe. 

These are specific tips to safeguard you as well as your family from any winter infection. 

  • Wash your hands with soap
  • Cover your mouth while you cough or sneeze if suffering from cold
  • Keep your body warm by consuming natural products and by drinking warm water to be hydrated.
  • Make sure you use separate utensils for drinking and eating. 

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