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Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference with Your Skincare

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Clear and glowing skin requires commitment, not a magic wand. Do you take proper care of your skin just like it requires? 

When you’re hungry, you fill your stomach with healthy food, but do you even invest your time when it comes to your skin? 

Lifestyle, pollution, UV rays can cause skin damage. It doesn’t require any 15 steps guide for miraculous skin, but some basic must-dos in your routine.

With our focus on natural, organic, and clean beauty, we believe the less you do, the better.

Basic Skincare Non-negotiables

The absolute essentials for every type of skin:

Cleanse and Double Cleanse

Cleaning your skin is super important for healthy skin. It removes excess dirt, oil, impurities, and pollution built up on your face throughout the day.

Cleanse it before you go to bed at night, the best time for self-care. It will help any products you use afterward to better penetrate the skin, meaning the active ingredients will be more effective.

Double cleansing is required when you’re wearing makeup. Sometimes over-washing your face can lead to skin dryness and irritation. To avoid that, you can use micellar water or cleansing oil to remove your makeup and a creamy cleanser to clean your skin.


Drinking water is an absolute must for healthy skin. As our skin is made up of cells and cells are made up of water, staying dehydrated can make your skin look dull, and pores are even more evident.

A lot of people don’t drink enough water throughout the day. If this is you, there are multiple ways to remember and to keep a check on yourself. 

  • Set the alarm every half an hour interval on your phone.
  • Take a water bottle with you everywhere. 
  • Download an app to keep a record of how much water you consumed. 

By staying hydrated during the day, your skin will look healthier, and the cells can function correctly.

Thus, it is the purest and natural way to maintain your skin.

Wear SPF In the Morning 

We all are aware that the sun can damage your skin, and UV rays can change the skin color and lead to burning of the skin.

Sun damage is accumulative. A little bit of sun here and there throughout the years adds it up. So, Sunscreen is an absolute must-have.

Be sure to protect your skin by wearing SPF every day.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure it consists of Zinc Oxide as the safest and most natural ingredient.

Don’t apply it just on your face but apply it down on your neck and the back of your hands, as these are more exposed to the sun. 

Always Moisturise

Moisturizing provides extra hydration to your skin, which indeed results in soft and supple skin. Without which, it feels like your skin is pulled in four different directions in a dry climate.

Sebum, our skin’s oil, is responsible for hydrating and moisturizing it. You can use lightweight or gel lotions for oily skin, whereas more decadent cream for much drier and mature skin types.

Choose a moisturizer that rejuvenates your skin while you sleep and makes your skin feel fresh.

Exfoliating 1-2 Times A Week

Our skin produces new cells, which push the older cells upward through the layers of the skin. 

Exfoliating allows you to remove these dead skin cells from the Stratum Corneum (upper layer of the skin).

Exfoliating helps in:

  • Keeping your skin look ageless and feel smooth. 
  • Penetrating your skin with moisturizing products you use.
  • Keeping your pores clean and clear to reduce the breakouts and the blackheads.

Be careful not to use harsh products on your skin as it may become red, dry, or irritated. The skin may feel tight, and you might experience a stinging or burning sensation.

Some Advice to Follow

Less Is More

Most of us don’t have time or don’t want to follow a specific skincare routine. Large numbers of products are available in the market, but applying them all onto your skin can trigger allergy and irritation. For skin, “simplicity is best.” So it is better to identify one or two products wisely that are multipurpose.

“Expensive” Doesn’t Mean “Better.”

The higher price of the product isn’t proof of being better than the lower-priced one.

Please don’t get stuck by believing that the product’s cost by any means is the marker of its effectiveness.

Each product you use should be used with intention and must have evidence-based ingredients. Bael Wellness Clay Mask Bentonite/Aloe Vera/Lemon Peel Powder is suitable for all skin types and solution for every skin problem that even consists of natural elements that remove excess impurities, rejuvenating your skin without any side effects. 

Bael Wellness Clay Mask Bentonite/Aloe Vera/Lemon Peel Powder 

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