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What’s Inflammation and How Essential Oils Help in Relieving it?

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Have you ever experienced swelling accompanied by redness along with heat, and pain in any part of the body. The chances are high, it was an inflammation. So, what is inflammation? 

Tissues in the human body has a complicated biological response to harmful stimuliand inflammation is a part of it. The main function of inflammation is to initiate tissue repair after getting rid of pathogens, irritants and damaged cells. Inflammation is a protective response which involves blood vessels, and immune cells. 

How to spot inflammation? 

Inflammation could be spotted by identifying 5 signs which are redness, pain, heat, swelling and loss of function. There can be other signs as well, but they are not as common and major as these five. 

Although, all inflammations are not good and it is difficult for the human body to tell if something (inflammation) is wrong with the body or not. However, the body produces inflammation irrespective of the nature of it (good or bad), to take control of the situation. Many researches point consuming antioxidant-rich food could reduce the harmful effects of inflammation. On the other hand, a study in 2010 revealed essentials oils such as clove, eucalyptus, fennel, rose and many other have anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to use essential oils to reduce inflammation? 

Inflammation could happen anywhere in the body and that is why there are different ways to use it. 

By mouth - It is a very rare way to use essential oils, but a few of them are supposed to be gargled such as using an essential oil mouthwash could reduce gum inflammation. Although, it is highly recommended to seek a doctor before using any such essential oil. 

Massage - Massaging is a great way to use an essential oil as, it is the direct application on to the affected part of the body. Apply the oil over the affected area and massage gently. Essential oils such as CBD Oil from Bael Wellness are high-quality premium essential oil having whole-plant properties. It is made from the hemp which is organically grown in soil free from heavy metals and pesticides. The CBD oil is comprehensibly checked for nutrient density and quality controlled. 

Diffusion - Another great way to use an essential oil is fuming it up in the air. For this you need a diffusor which works on electricity or a battery. It disperses the particle of the oil into the air. Inhaling the scent-induced air helps in reducing stress as well as to put to a relaxed sleep.

Inflammation is a natural bodily mechanism to ward off allergies or any other harmful stimuli and although it is a natural, it may not be good for always. Using essential oils is one of the best methods to treat an inflammation. To know more about Bael Wellness’ CBD Oil click here

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