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Effects of Winters on Joints & How to Relieve it

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Joint pain could be signal of an underlying health condition or could be a result of an injury, but a very common cause of joint pain is cold weather. This cold weather joint pain could be experienced after long runs or in general as well.

Although there is lack of research to prove why joints ache in winters, certain researches pointed in colder weather in order to conserve heat the body sends more blood to organs such as heart and the lungs. In the process the blood vessels of the body parts like the arms, legs, shoulders, joints constrict and thus the less blood flow to these areas make them colder and stiffer.

Other theories suggest there are changes in barometric pressure due to cold weather, which causes inflammatory response in the joints. This could lead to increased joint pain.

How to relieve cold weather joint pain?

Workout instead

In cold winters staying cozy inside is a very human thought. No one would ever think of trotting or jogging, but the truth is staying active is better for function and mobility. If you cut down on physical activities it could lead to decreased range of motion which eventually could lead to more joint pain. A dual attack could be increase in weight in winters. Less activeness in cold weather puts on weight which is another reason of joint pain.

Cover yourself up

It's important to keep the core body temperature warm in cold weather. Along with keeping the joints warm it is important to keep the surrounding muscles and ligaments warm as well. Cover yourself up with gloves, scarves, warm boots, long johns etc.

Changes your workout regime

Doing aerobics indoor in cold weather are recommended by many health experts. They recommend adapting to colder weather by doing aerobics indoors. Equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes is a great way to stay warm.

Stretch yourself up

With age our joints tend to get stiffer. Stretching maneuvers are similar to aerobics in terms that it lets you stay inside while keeping your joints active. Yoga is another great way to keep your bodies stretched and eventually keeping your joints out of pain.

Take OTC painkillers only if prescribed

Many people overcome joint pains in colder weather by consuming analgesics such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin) and naproxen (Naprosyn and Aleve). However, these OTP painkillers could have a heavy toll on your kidneys. Heavy consumption of painkillers could lead to analgesic nephropathy. Consume analgesics only when prescribed your doctor.


Well, you could relieve the pain by aforementioned techniques and practices, but if you wish to treat it, you have a myriad of joint support options available in the market. Although not every alternative is a good choice, and that is why you need to take an informed decision before buying a joint support.

Bael Wellness Joint Support is a one of the great options for your cold weather joint pain and what makes it amazing are the following reasons:

1. Natural Ingredients - The amazing Joint Support from Bael Wellness is made of turmeric, green tea extract, flex seed extract, black pepper extract, ginger extract and many more such natural constituents.

2. Totally Vegan - Bael Wellness products are 100% vegan/vegetarian, non-GMO and are made from plant-based ingredients.

3. Approved facilities - The Joint Support is manufactured in GMP Certified and FDA-approved facility in USA.

Bael Wellness Back And Joint Support Supplement

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