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Did you return back from work with pain in the back today? According to research, nearly 40 million employees are suffering from the same. Back pain, muscle tension & stiffness are common complaints by those who sit for long hours at work. It might make you uncomfortable and hamper your productivity to a great extent if not treated.

Wondering what caused it & how to treat it? Read this article to know the common causes of back pain and how to treat & prevent it with a single addition to your working setup.

Causes Of Back Pain At Work

  • Poor Posture

Improper posture is one of the main causes of back pain. While working, you are most likely to slide forward on the chair and slouch towards your system, which over time stresses your spine and leads to severe back pain.  

  • Workspace Design & Setup

Working in a cramped workspace and sitting on an office chair without proper lumbar support restricts you from moving freely and further contributes to poor posture and back pain.

  • Prolonged Sitting

Sitting for an extended period stresses your back, neck, arms & legs and pressurizes your spinal discs. The pressure, in turn, causes back pain.  

  • Work Tasks

Some work tasks like lifting heavy loads, driving long distances also lead to back pain or worsen the existing pain.  

  • Other Lifestyle Factors

Lifestyle factors such as stress, unhealthy diet, workload, weight, and lack of exercise can lead to muscle tension and stiffness.

What Is The Correct Way To Sit At Work With Back Pain?

Here’s how you need to sit while at work.

- Firstly, make sure your chair has back support. If not, add one.

- Adjust your chair according to your height.

- Sit straight with your hips at the back of the chair.

- Head & neck aligned above your shoulders.

- Wrists & forearms parallel to the ground.

- Knees & hips in line.

- Rest your feet flat on the ground. You can use a footrest or stool.

- Avoid crossing your legs.

- Place your computer and its accessories close to you.  

- Keep your shoulders relaxed throughout the day.

How To Treat Back Pain?

- Apply an ice pack or place a heating pad a few times a day for immediate pain relief.

- Massage the affected area. This can help relax your back muscles and relieve discomfort.

- You can even perform acupressure for treating severe back pain.

- Perform certain stretches while sitting.

- Sleep on your back or side instead of your stomach.

- As stated above, place our Bael Wellness Lumbar Support Back Cushion on your office chair, dining chair, car seat, or wherever you sit for back support.

How is Bael Wellness Lumbar Support Back Cushion & Pillow Helpful?

Our lumbar support cushion is made with high-quality gel enhanced memory foam that provides you optimum comfort & support while sitting on your office chair. Not just the pillow helps to alleviate your back pain, but it also improves your posture by supporting your back & spine.



Well, we know you cannot stand all day at the office. But make sure whenever you sit, you sit in a correct posture and with the appropriate back support to avoid the risk of back pain.

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