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Pain in the bottom of your spinal column feels dull at first but sharpens over time. The excessive pain makes it difficult to perform any activity and even disrupts sleep. There are many possible causes of the unbearable pain. Let us look at what those are and the remedies for pain.

Reasons For Tailbone Pain

  • Prolonged Sitting

Nobody would have thought that sitting can lead to pain. But it does. Sitting for a long time increases the tailbone pain, especially when sitting on a hard surface. The pain can even arise while driving or sitting on a cushioned chair if you sit in an awkward spine position.

  • Aging

General wear and tear due to age also contribute to causing tailbone pain.

  • Joint Damage

Repetitive motions lead to joint damage, which causes pain in the tailbone.

  • Physical Injury

Sudden spine movements, falls, or knocks can bruise, dislocate and break the tailbone.

  • Weight

Bodyweight is also one of the main causes of tailbone pain. When you sit down,  the extra weight pressurizes the coccyx, making it move out of its position and causes pain.

And being underweight also affects the tailbone. Not having enough fat makes the tailbone rub against the nearby tissues, which causes pain.

  • Repetitive Pressure

Performing activities like bicycling and rowing put prolonged pressure on the spine, muscles, and ligaments. This repetitive strain or pressure further leads to pain in the tailbone.

Remedies For Tailbone Pain

- Apply heat or ice pad several times a day. It helps in reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation.

- Go for a massage to relieve the pain from muscular injuries in the tailbone.

- Perform gentle stretching, light exercises, or some yoga poses for stretching out muscles and ligaments.

- Increase the water and fiber intake if the pain is caused due to certain body issues like constipation.

- Take a hot bath to relax the muscles.

- Avoid sitting for long periods.

What to Do If You Have to Sit for a Long Time Daily?

In case you remain seated for long periods, make sure to maintain the correct posture. Sit with the back against the chair, feet flat on the floor, and lean forward.

However, keeping a check on your posture now and then is difficult. You can take the help of  Bael Wellness Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion. The cushion naturally aligns with your posture. Whether you need to sit on your car's seat, airplane seat, office chair, dining chair,  or wheelchair for long, you could use the cushion for every seat.

How Is Bael Wellness Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion Helpful?

Our Coccyx and tailbone support seat cushion naturally alleviates pain and inflammation in the tailbone.  The cushion is a natural pain reliever that keeps the pressure off the tailbone. With the cut-out in the cushion, you can sit comfortably with evenly distributed weight. The anti-sliding back of the cushion ensures it stays right on the surface.

Bael Wellness Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support Cushion Combo


Apart from tailbone pain relief, there is another advantage for you. Along with Bael Wellness Coccyx & Tailbone Support Seat Cushion, you can get a Lumbar Support Cushion.

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