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While enjoying outdoor activities or playing with kids, one thing that spoils the fun is tailbone pain.

Yes, that sharp ache at the bottom of your spine. What is it, how does it happen, and what are tailbone pain treatments?

If you don’t want the coccyx pain to be a killjoy for you anymore, then read the blog till the end.

What Is The Tailbone/Coccyx?

The tailbone or coccyx is a compact bone underneath the sacrum at the lowest part of the human spine. It is connected with several ligaments, tendons, or muscles and consists of two to five fused bones (vertebrae).

A tailbone's major function is to sustain a person's weight in a seated position. It supports the pelvic floor and provides voluntary bowel control.

What Is Tailbone Pain?

Tailbone pain, also referred to as coccydynia in medical terminology, is a condition in which a person feels pain and discomfort around the bony structure at the very bottom of the spinal column (coccyx). The pain above the cleft of the buttocks is also a tailbone pain.

What Are The Causes Of Tailbone Pain?

Tailbone may have several causes, including physical injury, prolonged sitting in the wrong postures, or on hard surfaces. Below are some major causes:

  • Bruising, dislocation, or fracture in the coccyx bone.
  • Natural structural transformation of the tailbone.
  • Tumors and infections related to the coccyx.
  • Bone spurs in the tailbone.

What Are The Symptoms Of Tailbone Pain?

Coccydynia is related to the stabbing, dull pain in or around the coccyx bone. In coccydynia, the severity of pain increases while standing up, during bowel movements, and during intercourse. Some of the symptoms may include:

  • Piercing or achy pain in the tailbone.
  • Severe pain in the coccyx while sitting for a long period.
  • Sharp pain at the spine's bottom or the buttocks.

How Do Tailbone Problems Make Sitting Painful?

The function of the coccyx bone is to bear and balance the proportional weight of a person while sitting. Prolonged strain cripples the tailbone and causes sharp pain while sitting and standing up. While leaning back while sitting, the additional weight on the coccyx worsens the pain.

5 Helpful Tips For Tailbone Pain Relief

There are several remedies helpful in coccyx pain treatment. Below are such five tips that will support in lessening the persistent pain:

  1. Use a coccyx cushion while sitting on chairs.
  2. Apply therapeutic heat and ice packs on painful areas.
  3. Take OTC stool softeners to lessen the pressure on the coccyx during bowel movement.
  4. Avoid prolonged sitting in the same posture and take short breaks after 30-40 minutes.
  5. Avoid activities that cause strain on the coccyx, like prolonged cycling and driving.

Conclusion: Say Goodbye To Tailbone Pain With Bael Wellness Coccyx Cushion

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You can use a Bael Wellness coccyx cushion with an office chair, kitchen, desk chair, airplane, car seat, or wheelchair. This cushion relieves pain by preventing the coccyx from being compressed.

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