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Don't Fall Victim To Your Tub

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Bathtub injury due to slips and falls is quite often, most common in people who are aged. So, elderly people need to be more careful than anyone else in bathrooms.

Hot water scalds, and submersion are among few other common reasons reported. And these tend to increase with age, especially after 85. Well, these can be controlled with simple precautions but, before we move ahead with the safety tips, let us know the common types of shower and bathtub injuries.

Types of Shower and Bathtub Injuries

Here are some types of shower and bathtub injuries:

● Burns and scalds

● Deep cuts, bumps, and bruises

● Broken bones, and head injuries due to falling

● Bathtub Tumbles are also frequent as you get in and out of the bathtub.

● Shower Slips, while standing for long periods on the floor doused with water, leading to throat choking and breathing difficulty.

● Traumatic brain and hip injuries.

What are Safety Tips for Elderly people when in the Bathroom?

Minimize Slipping and Falling Risks

A little precaution may save you from falls and slips. It is best to cushion all the sharp edges with an adhesive to minimize injuries from slips and falls. Use a bath caddy to keep all the essential items within easy reach. Make sure you don’t let mold and mildew cover up the surface as it also make the floor slippery.

Install Grab Bars

Falls in the bathroom are prevalent, many people are hospitalized due to this, it may even lead to fatal brain injuries in some cases. To avoid falling in the bathroom,

installing slip-resistant grab bars in the shower/bath area is a good precaution. Make sure that you choose bars that are fixed in the wall rather than the ones that use suction cups.

Use Bathtub Pillow

As you lie down in a bathtub, your muscles relax, but, your neck doesn’t get apt support. Resting your neck on the incline of the tub without any support for longer can be painful and hazardous. Avoid any severe issue out of this, by investing in a bathtub pillow. It makes you comfortable.

It also prevents sore neck and back pain. It relieves stress as it gives an added relief when lying down in a bathtub. Moreover, supporting your back and neck through a bath pillow helps lower the level of lactic acid and improves blood flow.

There are different types of bath pillows available in the market, but we would recommend you to try out Bael Wellness Bathtub Pillow with Suction Cups for a hot tub, spa tub, and bathtub. It provides added support to neck, head, back and mitigates the risk of bathtub injuries.


Bael Wellness Bathtub Pillow with Suction Cups

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