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Best Foods to Help Your Body Fight the Coronavirus

Bael Wellness Moringa Leaf Powder. Fight The Corona Virus Natural Ingredients Plant Based Supplement

COVID-19 has caused several thousands of lives to date. The easiest way to prevent it is to boost your immunity against any viral infections.

What is COVID-19?

Till now, you would have learned well enough that COVID-19 or Coronavirus is a Viral infection with symptoms such as fever, cough, pneumonia, and breathlessness.

However, noteworthy, that this is not the exact condition of this disease. In COVID-19 infection, your respiratory tract starts developing a lining, causing breathlessness. Doctors try to break this lining when treating you against this virus.

How to treat COVID-19?

Although there is no cure known yet to prevent this disease, still, there are some food items that can increase your immunity. Unlike a bacterial infection, a viral infection cannot be treated and take its time to cure. So it becomes even more essential to boost your immunity because, as of now, it is your only help to stay safe against this infection.

Some Foods to Fight Corona!

Consuming these food items with your daily diet can vastly help in preventing any criticalities and make healing quicker and effective.


Moringa has antiviral nutrients that can help in easing out any infections in the respiratory tract. COVID-19 is caused by majorly due to weak immunity. With Moringa consumption, the resistance of the entire body improves.

Bael Wellness Moringa Leaf Powder is a rich Rich Source of Plant-based Protein, Iron, Vitamin A, E & K, Calcium & Iron. All Essential Amino Acid, High in Anti-oxidant. You can take it as a substitute for the fresh and whole Moringa.


The active element ‘Allicin’ in Garlic, makes it rich with essential minerals and vitamins. Garlic restores the immunity by restoring the suppressed antibodies. It is beneficial in fighting infections in the respiratory tract.


With more than 50 antioxidant compounds, ginger is the best in functioning as an antiviral. Its anti-inflammatory compounds quickly ease up the breathing and respiration issues.


The curcuminoids in the turmeric make it useful in healing body aches and alleviate depression. Consuming it with black pepper can enhance its effect to impressive levels.

Probiotic Foods

Foods with active cultures are highly immune to boosting. Probiotic foods not only aid physical but mental health too. They help in increasing white blood cells, which are the defense mechanism against infections.

These are some of the distinct food choices that you can include in your everyday diet. Schedule each one of these once a week, so your family does not get bored of eating the same thing daily. We wish you the best of health during this pandemic outbreak!

Bael Wellness Moringa Leaf Powder.


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