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Boost Your Mood with Happy Scents This Women’s Day

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There are a lot of things in a woman’s list that asks for her attention these days. - making it harder for her to indulge in the things that make her happy fully. Her overflowing calendar must include quick and easy things (such as taking a whiff of something like pick-me-up smelling extremely good) that ensure her happiness all day.

For the amazing women in the world who spread the aroma of purity and love, sniff your way to bliss this women’s day with scents that boost your mood when you feel overwhelmed.

How Aromas Affect Your Mood?

The power of scents is pretty striking. Exposure to different smells can instantly alter your mood. According to behavioral studies, we are triggered much more by scents than images. Fragrances are linked to increased activity in the limbic system and the brain. It has the power to make you remember all the vivid memories that can help enhance or hinder your mood.

If you know how the scent affects your mood, then use it to your advantage. Smell the right aromas that make you feel in a certain way and bring back some beautiful memories.

Smells for Your Happiness


Sniffing some citrus would make you forget the fragrance of coffee. The vitamin- c packed fruits are proven to boost energy and increase alertness. The scent of Lemon also helps in reducing stress.

Fresh-cut grass

You must go out and mow the lawn. The research shows when the grass is cut, it releases some chemicals that tend to relax people and increases the feeling of joy. The powerful smell of freshly cut grass also helps in preventing mental decline with age.


Change your taste of flowers to lavender and jasmine instead of roses. Jasmine is a mood booster, while lavender eases insomnia and depression because of its calming effects that seem to be soothing and refreshing.


The cooling scent of peppermint improves athletic performance and breathing. And, the oil produced from its leaves is the powerful mood lifter and body and mind stimulator.

Baby Powder

For a nostalgic flashback, smell some baby powder. The scent evokes the memories of warmth, love & safety we felt as children and spreads calmness and happiness all around.


Trying out different smells to notice how you feel will give you an idea of which one is the best for you. Sniffing these beautiful fragrances can bring the most pleasure.

Bael Wellness Hemp Oil is perfect for helping mental and physical well being, maintaining calmness, enhancing sleep cycle, etc. as its made with plant healing properties that come straight from nature. Celebrate this women’s day with something that will make you feel carefree and happy.


Hemp Oil (Strawberry) 500 mg. Naturally relieves pain, inflammation.

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