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BathTub Pillow: A Perfect Bath Accessory

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Stepping into a bathtub after a long and tiring workday feels like heaven. But often, the relaxation does not match upto your expectations, and instead, it becomes overwhelming. Well, this is very common.

Certain elements could make your relaxation time much more comfortable. One of the most important elements is a bath pillow. A bath pillow is a soft cushion made from water-resistant materials. It is designed to support you while you lay down in the bathtub. Not just that, a bath pillow has many mental and physical benefits. Let us look at some:

Benefits of Using a BathTub Pillow

  • Relieves Stress

Baths are relaxing, but certain discomforts could add to your stress. Along with a bath pillow and warm water in your bathtub, you can easily get in a comfortable position. And when comfortable, stress is relieved automatically.

  • Reduces Muscle Pain

A bath pillow helps in releasing the tension in your muscles and joints by loosening them. It also helps get rid of the pain or some soreness you might feel in the muscles.

  • Prevents Back Pain

Laying out in the bathtub can be prone to back pain. When you are already suffering from it, the situation could worsen. Laying is not always as comfortable as it seems to be. A bath pillow acts as a back and neck supporter and reduces discomfort. Thus reducing the chances of back pain.

  • Improves Posture

Lying in the wrong posture increases the chances of back and spine problems. Having a bath pillow around your neck straightens the shoulders, reduces stress on the spine, helps the whole body lie in a correct posture.

  • Avoids getting Sore Neck

It is important to position your neck correctly. Without the support, the neck muscles become stiff, tight, and even painful. A bath pillow to support your neck and head reduces the chances of it.

  • Creates a Spa Experience

Apart from all the health benefits, a soft bath pillow also helps create a luxurious spa experience at home.

Uses of Bael BathTub Pillow

Bael Wellness Bathtub Pillow is a heart-shaped pillow that helps to keep the neck and back aligned. Because of the support, the spinal stress and pressure minimize. This bath pillow is made with organic PU foam, is 100% water-proof, and is suitable to fit all types of the tub. So, you can spend more time in your bathtub.

Bael Wellness Bathtub Pillow


Sometimes even a bathing pillow can make all the difference. With the right pillow, you can avoid any of the chances of getting pain and hurt, and enjoy a relaxing bath and spend a long time bathing. And such a great bath time can be the most gratifying experience all day long.

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