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9 Foods That Put You to Better Sleep

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Different foods have different natural substances that work in diverse ways on the human body. And one such category of foods is, the items which can put you to better sleep. 

Yes, nature has given us food items which have amazing potential of putting us to better sleep. Check out the following list of such incredible food items- 

Walnuts - Walnuts are rich source of tryptophan which is a sleep-enhancing amino acid. Tryptophan helps in making serotonin and melatonin which the body clock hormones that set the sleep-wake cycle in us. Also, researchers from Texas have found that walnuts itself contain melatonin which helps us fall asleep. 

Almonds - In many cultures almonds are known to enhance memory, although there are a number of amazing things almonds could do. Almonds are rich in magnesium which is required for a sound sleep. A study published by Journal of Research in Medical Sciences said the adults who took magnesium supplements before going to bed reported falling asleep faster than usual and getting a quality sleep. 

Lettuce - Is there a reason why you are asked to eat salad in the dinner? Well, the following may be the one. Lettuce contains lactucarium which has sedative properties. Out of a range of lettuces, Romaine lettuce according to studies has the highest content of lactucarium. Consuming Romaine lettuce or for that matter any other type of lettuce you can have a sound sleep. 

Tuna - What makes Tuna a sleep-inducing food? Well, it is Vitamin B6. Yes, vitamin B6 which is found in most of meat is the source of sleep. It not only helps you sleep faster but you may have vivid and lucid dreams as well. 

Rice - One of the most popular foods known to induce a sound sleep is rice. White rice has a high glycemic index. That means eating consuming it makes you sleep faster. According to researches Jasmine rice has the most sleep-enhancing properties. Add it to your diet and get a sound sleep. 

Cherry juice - Not feeling sleepy late at night. Brew up some cherry juice in your kitchen and chug it. A kind of cherries known as Tart cherries boost levels of Melatonin which is responsible for sleep. A study have shown consumption of cherry juice improved insomnia symptoms in people suffering from the disease. 

Cereal - You might wonder, cereals have been the one thing you loved as breakfast, so how come they should eaten before hitting the sack? According to National Sleep Foundation, the carbohydrates in the cereals and the calcium in the milk works to make you sleep like a baby. In case you are not feeling sleepy at night, try a bowl of cereals. 

Honey - There is a reason why bedtime herbal teas put you to sleep. The reason is honey. Adding honey to bedtime teas relaxes your body and helps you in getting a sound sleep. 

CBD Gummies - CBD Gummies from Bael Wellness provides you calmness, enhances sleep cycle, and helps you give mental as well as physical well-being. Made of hemp, which is grown in organically grown soil that is free of heavy metals. CBD Gummies comes in 6 flavors. 

Foods That Put You to Better SleepFoods That Put You to Better SleepFoods That Put You to Better Sleep

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