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4 Major Causes of Coccydynia & How to Use Seat Cushions to Cure it

Back Pain Coccydynia Sciatica Tailbone Pain

Tailbone Pain

What is Coccydynia?

Coccydynia, popularly known as tailbone (coccyx) pain is the pain near the end of the spine. The coccyx is situated at the end of the spine which is a triangular arrangement of bone. Coccydynia occurs when the muscles around the joints and ligaments of the Coccyx get inflamed.

Causes of Coccydynia

Coccydynia can be caused by not one but multiple reasons. A few reasons are as follows: 

Tailbone Pain

  1. Injury- One of the most common causes of coccydynia is an injury. A direct injury to the coccyx caused by falling down on your back can set off coccydynia. Coccygeal trauma usually results in a bruised bone, but may also result in a fracture or dislocation either in the front or back of the coccyx.
  2. Childbirth- In women coccydynia can be caused due to childbirth. While childbirth, the infant’s head passes over the top of the coccyx. The passing over creates pressure on the coccyx and may result into injury.
  3. Long sitting- Coccydynia has risen in young adults as sedentary jobs have become very common today. Sedentary jobs result in long sitting hours which eventually damages the coccyx. This is lifestyle cause of coccydynia and can be cured by taking the correct precautions.
  4. Tumour and Infection- Very rarely but coccydynia is also caused by tumours and infections near the tailbone area. These tumours and infections cause pressure on the coccyx and can damage it.

How Seat Cushions Help Cure Coccydynia

Seat Cushion for Backpain

Coccydynia resulting from lifestyle habits such as wrong sitting postures or sedentary jobs can be cured by using seat cushions. Seat cushions distribute the weight evenly thus preventing the coccyx getting pressurized.

Things to remember when you use a seat cushion

  1. Use everywhere- Seat cushions can be used carried everywhere, thus not restraining you with one place. To make the use effective you should carry your seat cushion everywhere you go.
  2. Backrest- Always use a seat cushion in a seating arrangement which has a backrest. A seating arrangement which has a backrest helps you sit straight and removes pressure from the pelvis and spine.
  3. Do not bundle- If you are using a seat cushion to cure coccydynia, do not bundle your usage with other (regular) cushions to match up requirements like height. There is a wide range of seat cushions available which can suffice your requirements such thickness of the cushion. Also, in case you use the seat cushion on soft seats such couch place a board under the cushion to get support.
  4. Replace- In case your seat cushion is not reducing coccydynia, you should consider it
    replacing with the other cushion. Seat cushions come with a wide variety of foams and you
    might need either a sifter or a denser cushion.

Bael Wellness Seat Cushion

Why Buy Bael Wellness Seat Cushion to Cure Coccydynia?

Bael Wellness Seat Cushions not only gets rid of coccydynia but also relieves back pain and sciatica and also assists in the treatment of haemorrhoid, pressure ulcers, and hernia. The seat cushion is made of heavy-duty, high density, resilient grade A memory foam which provides the apt balance thus distributing the weight evenly. Even if you use it for years it won’t flatten. The lightweight of the cushion makes it possible to carry around. It can be placed on all kinds of seats right from your office chair to a stadium seat and is easily washable. The anti-sliding grip and the natural balance ball effect it provides makes it stand out of all other seat cushions.






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