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Upper back pain is a common issue that everyone faces most of the time. It can occur anywhere from the base of the neck to the middle of the ribs. It is present all the time for some people, but in some cases, the pain worsens when lying down during the night when they sleep or rest.

Some have pain in the night or when they wake up in the morning. It would be best to find a comfortable posture while relaxing, taking pressure off of your upper back.

Upper Back Pain Causes

Back pain is usually due to poor posture, muscle overuse, or an injury. It is less than the pain in the neck or lower back because the spine in the upper back is less adaptable. Generally, it is caused by:

  • Overuse of muscles.
  • Injuries to the muscles, ligaments, or spinal discs that support the back.
  • One or more fractured vertebrae.
  • Poor posture during work or pastime, particularly for extended periods without a break.
  • Pressure in the spinal nerves due to a herniated disc or degenerative disc disease.
  • Osteoarthritis - when the cartilage of joints and discs breaks down.
  • Myofascial discomfort - related to the connective tissue that wraps around to support the muscles.
  • Accident also causes severe back pain.

Tips to Relieve Stress

  • Strengthening and stretching of back muscles will provide some relief to stabilize the spine.
  • You can use ice or heat packs.
  • Exercise, Pilates, and yoga are beneficial for stress relief, making the spine movement smooth and pain-free.
  • Take some regular massages to work out the stress in the muscles.


  • Don't toss and turn a lot while sleeping, as it will put additional stress on your back muscles and spine.
  • Move a little if lying down for a long time, or it may cause muscles to become stiff and tight.
  • Use proper pillows or mattresses that are a good fit and provide adequate support to your back.
  • Avoid wearing backpacks or purses.
  • Take regular intervals when working at a desk. If your work consists of interaction with a chair, you will suffer from constraint pain in your back, which will cause severe injury.
  • You can use Medical Seat Cushion With Pillows And Mesh Cover - Bael Wellness- gel enhanced memory foam with a mesh cover. It supports your spine and corrects posture, and will make your everyday life less painful and more productive.

Several things can trigger upper back pain when lying, sleeping, or working. This back support is the best natural solution to feel comfortable and be undistracted. It has an anti-sliding back as most of our time is spent on chairs, whether it's a dining table chair, car seat, or any other, you should feel delightful everywhere you sit.


Bael Wellness Lumbar Support Back Cushion & Pillow


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