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Understanding The Complex System of Sleep, Depression & Anxiety

Your quality of sleep could be the major reason that negatively influences your entire lifestyle; thereby, affecting your stamina. If you are feeling down, gloomy or anxious, that’s the sign of mood disorder called depression.

 Depression can last from a few minutes to several years, depending upon the severity. A person will feel sad and hopeless during the whole period or “episode”. Significant life changes or a series of stressful events could be the primary cause, such as job loss, office politics, death of loved ones, a bad breakup, financial problems, or divorce. Whereas anxiety is a state of panic where a person feels irritated due to stress over anything. It could be an exam, performance in office, or any significant change in life like switching careers, moving to another city. The root of these emotional and psychological changes, be it depression or anxiety, lies in the restless night routine and disruptive sleep quality.

According to PMC(Pubmed Central), there is a strong relationship between the quality of sleep and depression. About three-quarters of depressed patients suffer insomnia, and 40 percent of depressed young adults experience hypersomnia.

 What are Common Sleep Disorders?

 If a person has altered sleep patterns, it is a sign of mental illness. If a person has altered sleep patterns, it is a sign of mental illness. Let’s discuss what the sleep disorders other than insomnia that people face are:

 Sleep Apnea

Around 1 in 5 adults suffer from sleep apnea. The causes are complete or partial blockage of the throat that causes one to stop breathing multiple times every night. Daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, or loud snoring are some of the symptoms.

 Restless Leg Syndrome

Around 10 percent of the population suffers from this, majorly women. Here a person feels a strong urge to move the limbs where he/she happens to move even a hundred times in a single night.

 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Here the motor movements don’t function properly. People suffering from this, do unusual behavior while sleeping, such as shouting, punching, thrashing, or jumping out of bed. It is an infrequent phenomenon.


People suffering from Narcolepsy cannot stay awake in a stimulating environment such as a trip or concert due to abnormality in parts of the brain that control REM sleep. They can suddenly fall asleep in inappropriate moments and spend their time in the middle ground of rest.

 How Can We Help Ourselves?

 Specific lifestyle changes would help us to have quality sleep. One can follow the below-listed tricks to help themselves get a night of sound sleep:

● Avoid usage of nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol 4 hours prior sleeping

● Have a light meal at night.

● Regular exercise to stay active.

● Avoid exposure to screens at least an hour before bed.

● Keep your bedroom dark and cool.

 Natural Treatments for Sleep Disorders

 Mindful Meditation

It is a psychological process aimed to bring one’s attention in the present moments that include slow and steady breathing while sitting quietly. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, reduces stress, improves concentration, and sound sleep.

 Yoga and Exercise

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that focuses on the union of ego-self with god. It includes bodily postures with slow and controlled movements that help to stay focused. Whereas exercise consists of physical movements aimed at increasing the heart rate beyond resting levels such as aerobics, uphill cycling, running, or weight training. All this helps in enhancing the body stamina, flexibility, and bestows better sleep.

 Massage and Supplements

Massaging is a technique that allows the mind to focus on the sensation of touch. It helps reduce pain, anxiety, and depression and improves the quality of sleep. While natural supplements could be sipping a glass of milk that helps the brain make melatonin, thereby sparking relaxing memories to fall asleep.

 Other than this, there are various natural supplements available in the market that help develop a habit of quality snoozing for a lifetime. One such natural supplement is Bael Wellness CBD Gummies Citrus, which is made from 100% pure CBD, 0.00% THC. Organic citrus flavor. It promotes mental well being through supporting a healthy sleep cycle. The product contains whole plant properties of healing plants that are grown organically. Click on the link below to know more about the product-


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