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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Neck Pain

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As if COVID-19 wasn’t lethargic enough in itself, that it made the lives of every human being existing on this planet even more difficult. People of different kinds have experienced diverse threats from them. Though in the beginning, each one of us successfully avoided getting infected with this virus by adopting WFH, yet there are a lot of threats posed by this prolonged WFH, which are still unknown.

Obviously, the work-from-home we are doing is unlike a freelancer or a part-timer or a permanent at-home worker who decides their working hours independently. Still, we are bound to serve the minimum 8-hours in front of our systems, even when working from home. And not to mention, but sedentary lives due to work-from-home has led to many physical issues, including Neck Pain. 

Possible Common Causes for Neck Pain

People are visiting doctors in increased amounts with complaints of Neck and Back pain. While it is evident that the cause is a sedentary lifestyle, led by WFH acclimations, here are some other reasons that were also reported:

Poor posture & Repetitive Neck motion

With almost no facility to set up a workplace at home for two or more people (every house has two to three office goers), people took space at the comfort of their beds and couches. Although some refrain from laying and work while sitting. Yet, the imbalance in the levels of the screen and other accessories caused almost 14% of men and 12% of women to be diagnosed with experiencing Neck Pain due to bad body posture.

Stress & Clenched Jaw

The uncertainty of employment status caused a lot of people to panic. People were stressed about losing their jobs or salary cuts on the one hand, and on the other hand, they had their dues, premiums, EMIs, rents, and fees. These liabilities cause a lot of stress, and thus a lot of people complained of the clenched jaw leading to neck pain.


The better term for neck osteoarthritis is Cervical Spondylosis. This condition is quite common in elders above 40. Due to sudden situational changes, young adults working from home have recently been diagnosed with this issue. The disk between the neck vertebrae are known to wear down, and the friction arising between them is known to be causing discomfort and pain.

Neck or Spinal Injury

The injuries to the neck or spine can often lead to pain and soreness in the neck. Any sudden movement thrusting large amounts of pressure on muscle or ligaments can damage, causing pain.  

Remedies and Treatment suggested for Better Care and Quick Healing of Neck Pain.

Although the magnitude of pain in the neck may differ due to its cause, it is essential to take some home remedies along with medicines to increase the speed of healing. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Putting some warm or cold packs can help alleviate the pain (check with your doctor first, which is suitable according to your condition)
  • Stop any activity effective immediately that may have known to cause pain.
  • Doing some neck stretches and exercises.
  • Managing good posture
  • Using supporting neck pillows and memory foams
  • Sleeping in correct positions (Best sleeping positions are on-back or on-side. Sleeping on-stomach is arguably against for neck pain)
  • Including some pain relief supplements such as Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement

Neck pain may not be much of a big issue if it started just a few hours ago or so, but for the one that’s there for maybe a week or some days, consulting a doctor may be necessary. At Bael Wellness, we care for you and strongly recommend that you see a doctor if the problem persists for longer than usual.

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