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Every day, our bones change. While you are young, they develop quickly and get stronger, but as you age, they work slowly and lose strength. And, when you turn 30, your bones begin to lose density and become weak and brittle.

Causes of Weak Bones

Lack of nutrition and imbalance in a healthy life affects your bone health. Your body’s bone health gets affected by factors including low calcium levels, hormonal imbalance, a poor diet, lack of exercise, drinking alcohol, smoking, illness, and medications.

Why do Bones get Weak with Age?

As you age, your bone density reduces, and many of you may face Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is common in older people and a major cause of hip fracture, resulting in pain in the body.

How does the Weakness of Bones Affect your Daily Routine?

It is necessary to follow a diet with a good amount of calcium. And, not following the same daily may cause a nutrient deficiency in your body. So, for strong bones, you need to add calcium-rich food to your diet.

The other problem related to weakness of bone is choosing the correct time for sleeping, which is common in many of you. But it affects your daily routine because your sleeping habits and bone problems are interlinked.

Tips to Maintain Good Health of Your Bones

1. Cardio Exercises

Jogging, climbing stairs, dancing, cycling, or aerobics, are the best for healthy bones in a body.

2. Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are a perfect source of Vitamin C. Your body needs Vitamin C to build bone cells.

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital to absorb calcium, and adding it to your daily diet helps strengthen your bones.

Food to Strengthen your Bones

Spinach, cheese, chicken, nuts, and seafood like fish, tuna, and salmon are some foods for strong bones and muscles that are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, omega 3, protein, and vitamin K, which help to strengthen your bones.

Conclusion – Take Supplements Rich in Vitamins

The bones provide your body structure and protect your internal organs. Hence it would help if you keep your bones healthy and strong. You can take Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement made from turmeric, capsicum powder, ginger root extract, and other plant-based ingredients for bone flexibility and comfortable body movement.


Bael Wellness Joint Support Supplement


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