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Many a time, most of you have ignored iodine. But, do you know? Iodine is essential for maintaining an effective immune system. Iodine deficiency can cause weight gain or neck swelling.

Unlike other vitamins and minerals, you may have never considered adding iodine to your daily diet. Iodine is essential in maintaining healthy skin. There are numerous beauty benefits of iodine that helps you to keep your skin nourished.

How to add iodine to your Daily Routine?

1. Consume Fruits, Vegetables, and Sea Food Rich in Iodine

You can consume some fruits, vegetables, and seafood rich in iodine, for example, cranberries, spinach, and fish. They are rich in antioxidants that help rejuvenate your skin and purify your blood.

But you need to consult a physician on the amount of iodine-rich fruit, juice, vegetables, or seafood you need to add to your daily intake.

2. Choose Iodine Salt over Regular Salt to add to your Food

You can add iodine salt rather than regular salt to your food. If you are already consuming iodine-rich food, you do not need to add iodine salt to your diet.

You can also add sea salt to your food, which contains a small amount of iodine and which is also helpful in regulating your body's metabolism.

3. Apply Iodine to your Skin

The skin quickly absorbs iodine. So, applying iodine to your skin prevents your skin from acne and keeps your skin healthy.

You can also use Bael Wellness Bentonite Clay with Turmeric and Cloves Powder. Indian Healing Clay, Fullers Earth Powder for Facial Mask, Hair, Bath, and Spa. It is a natural antiseptic that helps your skin remove blackheads, scars, or acne to get beautiful skin.


Bentonite Clay with Turmeric & Cloves Powder.

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