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How Back Pain Affects High Blood Pressure

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Have you thought about why some people suffer from high blood pressure? No right! There is a link between high blood pressure and back pain. The pain in your back triggers your blood pressure level.

What is a High Blood Pressure Level?

A person suffers from high blood pressure when the blood pressure gets pushed against the arteries and is too high. If the blood pressure level is above 130/80, a person may face cardiac arrest or stroke.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure Level

Most people with high blood pressure may not face any symptoms. Still, in some cases, they may face severe symptoms like bleeding from the nose, fatigue, trouble breathing, chest pain, and headaches.

You need to consult a doctor for care if you face any of these symptoms.

How is Back Pain and High Blood Pressure Related?

According to researchers, back pain and high blood pressure are related. It is believed by the researchers that the Atlas bones located on top of your spinal column affect your blood pressure level when misaligned.

The back pain also signals your adrenaline glands to release adrenaline which may lead to a higher pulse rate and an increase in your blood pressure level.

What to do when Blood Pressure is high?

1. Get a good sleep at night

Sleeping for less than 6 hours may lead to high blood pressure. And lack of sleep may cause sleep apnea, leg syndrome, and insomnia.

Stick to a proper sleep schedule, and avoid consuming heavy meals, caffeine, and nicotine before sleeping.

2. Limit the habit of consuming alcohol

If you are on some medicines to control your high blood pressure level, then avoid drinking alcohol regularly.

If you do not consume less or no alcohol, it helps in maintaining a normal blood pressure level.

3. Monitor your blood pressure level at home

Regular monitoring of blood pressure level at home can make you follow a healthy routine which is essential to balance your blood pressure level.

But, before following the practice at your home, consult a doctor about the home monitoring process for blood pressure.

Some Cures for Back Pain

1. Keep moving at regular intervals

Standing up and moving every 30 minutes makes your body flexible and muscles strong.

Following the practice will reduce your body's chances of causing back pain.

2. Maintain a normal body weight

Increased body weight leads to pressure on your lower back, which can cause lower back pain.

Maintaining a normal body weight becomes necessary, so you do not suffer from chronic conditions like obesity.

3. Take supplements to cure Back Pain

You can take supplements to relieve your back pain and any discomfort in your body, like pain in your neck, shoulders, or legs.

You can also use the Bael Wellness Back Support Supplement made naturally with plant root extract for complete back pain support.

Bael Wellness Back Support Supplement


Your back pain and high blood pressure may be connected. By following the care mentioned above, you can control your blood pressure level and back pain at the same time.

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