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Give Your Nails The Perfect Makeover This Valentine

Makeup has evolved to meet the changing needs. Today, we have lipsticks and foundations for summers, for the downpour and for winters. But there are two things that can’t be changed and those are the time and the process. Well, it is just like cooking; time and process go hand in hand. If you have followed the right process, that means you have spent a great deal of time and you would come out glowing. We hope all you females agree with us.

For this Valentine, we give you the whole process for getting your nails a makeover.

1. Clean- First things first. You need to clean the nails and by that, we mean a good cleaning. The good cleaning includes softening the cuticles, as you don’t want them to ruin the neat look. Add a drop of a cuticle softener or remover on each nail and let it rest for sometime. Push back the now softened skin and you are done. After cleaning the much evident area—under the free edge, you need to focus on the lateral folds; they come next in terms of deposits.

2. Trim & File- Next comes trimming and filing. Getting an effortless trimming depends on the design of your nail clippers cause there is a little physics involved in it. The longer the handle, the lesser effort you would have to put, as the distance between the fulcrum and the press point on the handle is maximum. Trim them well with the file on the other side of the handle of the nail clipper. Make sure the filing shapes the nail evenly because it is all about smooth curves and not pointy edges.

3. Buffing- Not many females go for buffing, but buffing one an upcoming trend. Well, it is more of a trend. A nail buffing stick actually smoothens the nail surface and makes it glossy. Try buffing this time at the salon and if you have had a brush with it in the past, buy one and try it yourself.

4. Moisturize- After all that filing and buffing, your nail surely needs to get soft. Apply a cuticle oil on your nails and let it there for a couple of minutes. The oil would rehydrate the whole nail area and the cuticles. Your nails are ready unless you want to paint them.

5. Paint- You might want to paint them, you might want to save them from the ugly chip-off look. The decision is yours.


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