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All You Wanted For a Relaxing Bath: A Bath Pillow

You love soaking in your hot tub after that long day, but you have double thoughts before you slip in. Yes, we know it all and if that is happening to you, we are here with an awesome solution for you.

Bael Wellness Bath Pillow

The heart-shaped waterproof bath pillow is designed so, to provide your neck, back and head full comfort and the design are medically proven. At the back of the pillow are 3 suction cups that easily attach to your bathtub and give the extra grip, providing you a hassle-free support.

Apart from the comfort and ease, it provides while bathing, it has some amazing benefits too. The Bael wellness bath pillow relieves pain from the neck and back as the heart shape and the curve is of the orthopedic grade. The pillow also prevents bathtub injuries like the pain in the neck and head injuries. At times we just want to get soaked in water for a long time. This could be bad for the back, but with Bael Wellness bath pillow you won’t have to worry about sore backs while having a great time in the bathtub. The puffiness of the bath pillow would not flatten over the time and will remain fluffy for a much longer time. This is possible as Bael Wellness makes it with quality PU foam which remains firm for a much longer time. The pillow is compatible with all kinds of tub rims.

Bael Wellness bath pillow better than what competitors would give you, this is validated by the fact that it is recommended by the Chiropractors. Do not compromise on your tub baths now and shop Bael Wellness bath pillow now and enjoy the winter break in a hot tub.

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