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Guide to Choosing Your Orthopedic Coccyx Seat Cushions

With long hours of sedentary jobs and bad postures, there are various types of back problems that have crept in. One of such back problems is the Coccydynia. Coccydynia is the pain in the tailbone area, which is also known as Coccyx and thus derives the name from it. Although there are several factors which cause Coccydynia like- trauma, infections, tumors, childbirth, postural reasons are more common.

Coccydynia occurs when the muscles around the joints and ligaments of the Coccyx get inflamed. Although there is medication available for it, Coccydynia can be handled with a much lower investment as well as without any side effects. Coccyx seat cushions are specially designed to mitigate the pressure on the coccyx while you are seated. The cushion can be used on a variety of seat types thus making it versatile. Although there are few factors those should be considered before you buy your coccyx seat cushion, they are as follows:

1. Shape - Coccyx seat cushions come with different shapes; V-shaped U-shaped, doughnut-shaped, wedge-shaped and more. Everybody has a different type of a tailbone and that is why it is important to pick the right shape of the seat cushion. How do you pick the right size? Well, that’s to be done by trying the shapes when you are out there to buy the cushion.

 2. Filling - It’s all about whats inside and that’s why the filling material is an important aspect of a coccyx seat cushion. Coccyx seat cushions come with cotton fillings and are also available in memory foam. Cotton ones are economical and may not be of the best quality unless you go for a good brand. Another type of filling is gel or fluid-based, which are not suitable for elderly people as they do have limited upper limb strength.

 3. Weight - The weight of the cushion is a crucial factor to decide upon which cushion to pick. You won’t like to carry a heavy seat cushion everywhere you go. The weight depends on the filling of the cushion. Gel or fluid-based cushions are generally heavier and could be a hassle for carrying. Memory foam-based cushions a relatively quiet lighter and thus easier to carry along.

 4. Cost - There is a reason, the cost is not the first point we considered as a factor. Health is one thing where we should not consider cost and so going for cheaper cushion options could not withstand the everyday use and might wear and tear faster. High-quality seat cushions do not only last long but also reduce tissue breakdown.

 5. Durability - Durability again depends on the filling. Gel-based cushions are less durable as the gel tends to harden and can cause risk to the tissues. A slab of foams is much durable than any other material used as filling.

6. Cover - The life of any item with a cover depends if the cover can be removed and washed. Pick the cushion which has a removable cover, so that you can wash it, thus increasing the life of the cushion.

7. Maintenance - A high on maintenance seat cushion like an air-filled one would ultimately burn a hole in your pocket. Foam and gel-based cushions are relatively much low on maintenance, making them better options.

We hope this has sorted your confusion regarding buying the right coccyx seat cushion. To get some amazing seat cushions visit our website


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