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Want to Keep Your Hair Healthy? Eat These Thing

The only thing important to keep us alive is food. Food gives us energy and this energy keeps us going. But there is something more important than that and it is, what type of food we eat? With the rise of junk and preservative-laden food, we are consuming chemicals, that eventually are degrading our bodies.

Apart from the side effects, our bodies are suffering due to the consumption of such food, we are losing on some essential nutrients that are very important for rejuvenating parts of our bodies. Hair is one such body part that needs the most urgent attention. In the recent years, the average age of going bald in males have dropped dramatically, despite the most complexed and modern hair care products available today. Although problems related to hair has been seen in both the genders, it is very important to look for an alternative solution (apart from expensive meds and other stuff) to come over this problem. There is an alternative solution to this problem and that could be found in our food.

Here is a list of the food items which would help you fight with a range of hair related problems.

Green Vegetables

Most of us hate green veggies and that is cause we find them tasteless as compared to other foods. Green veggies are a major source of Vitamin A and C and also have iron and selenium. Vitamin A and C produces sebum, which is a secreted from sebaceous glands and helps hair conditioning and growth. Iron from green veggies like spinach keeps the hair follicle healthy.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds might not suit the tastebuds but are too good for health. Apart from iron, they are rich in Omega-3 which is great for scalp health. You can also consume flax seeds in another form i.e. flax seed oil.

Citrus Fruits

Nothing could beat citrus fruits as a source of Vitamin C and we already know why Vitamin C is good for hair. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen. A type V of collagen is found in hair and is responsible for the shiny and radiant look of hair. Vitamin C is a natural moisturizer for hair.


Who can forget avocados? Avocado is one of the superfoods and has various benevolent effects on our health. For hair too, avocados are amazing, as they are a rich source of Vitamin B and E which keeps the scalp healthy. They are also rich in monounsaturated fats that keep the scalp moisturized.


Yes, chicken, it is also one of the foods that would help you keep your hair awesome. Chicken has a good content of protein, zinc, iron and Vitamin B. These keep the hair strands thick and strong. 

So now, before going for any expensive treatment, drug, conditioner or shampoo consider these food items as nothing could beat nature’s drugs.

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