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8 Innovative Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2018

Halloween makeup

Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to pull all your creativity out for some bizarre, burlesque, creepy and freaky makeup ideas. Halloween makeup is not only about the goriness, but it is also much about creativity and skills. Here are some innovative Halloween makeup ideas for this year you would love.

Trick or Treat!

1. Color Burst - Not very freaky but artistic is the color burst theme. Smudge surrounding area of the yes with multiple colors in a way, it looks like you burst a pack of colors in your face. To make it creepy, use grey lipstick.

2. Cheshire Cat - Remember the cat from Alice in Wonderland? Yeah, the cat with the evil grin that made you almost sick. This would be a perfectly terrifying makeup on Halloween you could do.

3. Crystal Face - Although not freaky, this one could turn heads in awe to figure out what was that!?  A painstaking artwork, the crystal angles are worth the hard work.

4. Folkloric Creature - Creatures from the folklore have always aroused mixed emotional reactions; awe and fear. All you need for this amazing theme are a few pastel colors and strap-on horns.

5. Two-Face - Be it DC comics or animated series, 2-face has always been a craze. Albeit for Halloween, there has to be a different touch; a little scarier and freaky. Wear a colored lens on the sinister side and paint it pale.

6. Ben-day dots - A makeup theme that would remind people of the yesteryear comics more than freaking them out, Ben-day dots is one of the trending themes. Just like painting polka dots, paint some action words here and there with drawing bold outlines.

7. Tin Face - Remember the bicentennial man?! You could say this theme is inspired by it. A bichromatic theme; with black and silver, the tin face is an awe-inspiring makeup for Halloween.

8. Freaky Grin - This freaky grin would put the Cheshire cat to shame. The intricate piece of art make-believe your lips are stretched onto one cheek and just that is enough to creep someone out.

Color Burst Halloween makeup Crystal Face Halloween makeup Cheshire Cat Halloween makeup
Folkloric Creature Halloween makeup
Two-Face Halloween makeup
Ben-day dots Halloween makeup

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