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4 Health Benefits of Using a Bath Pillow

Bath Pillow

There have been special pillows since long, popularly known as orthopedic pillows, these pillows are specially designed to correct body positioning. These pillows are therapeutic in nature and so are known for relieving pain caused by various conditions such as insomnia, acid reflux, neck pain, sciatica to name a few.

One such orthopedic pillow is a bath pillow. Bath pillow is gaining popularity in its category as more and more people are opting for it. It is a pillow specially designed to give you comfort and relieve stress while you lie in your tub. Here are 4 orthopedic benefits that a bath pillow gives you.

1. Prevents sore back and neck pains - Back and neck pains can occur due to wrong sitting, standing or sleeping postures. One of the primary functions of the therapeutic bath pillow is, it reduces the stress level on your spine which is a result of bad postures. A bath pillow is designed to reduce the neck and back pain.

2. Helps relieve stress - Stress is not only psychological but also has a physical dimension to it. Physical activities even the day to day ones, build up stress in our muscles. A bath pillow helps in relieving the stress in the muscles.

3. Relieves muscle pain - Muscle pain is a very common condition nowadays. Sedentary jobs, long working hours, less physical activities attribute to muscle pain. A bath pillow helps in lowering lactic acid levels and improves the blood flow thus reducing muscle plain.

4. Makes your bathing experience more comfortable - A hot water stream in a jacuzzi or simply a hot water bath in a bathtub is not enough to give you full comfort. A bath pillow provides better comfort as it provides support to your neck and back, cushioning to the head.

Bael Wellness Bath Pillow is a medically proven pillow made from orthopedic grade, organic PU foam which is 100% waterproof. The odor free, hot and cold resistant bath pillow has heavy-duty suction cups for a tighter grip on the tub. The heart-shape gives firmer support to your neck and the back that helps you relax longer in the tub.

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