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6 Best Immunity Boosting Foods for Your Body

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Your immune system acts as a defense system of your body. A resilient immune system protects your body from viruses, bacteria, germs, bugs, and infections. Without it, your body is more likely to get affected by diseases and harmful environment. Thus, it is vital to maintain your body's immunity. 

How Can You Strengthen Your Immunity?

You can improve your immunity with a certain diet and lifestyle changes. When you follow a balanced diet, proper exercise regime, and get enough sleep, you can boost your immune system. 

Some Effective Immunity-Boosting Foods

1. Citrus Fruits 

Citrus foods like Oranges, Limes, Gooseberries, and Grapefruits, etc. are an excellent source of Vitamin C. With Vitamin C, you can increase the number of white blood cells in your body. Also, citrus foods help you to improve your digestion and lowers the risk of kidney stones. 

It is recommended to take 75 mg and 90 mg for women and men respectively.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is an excellent source of multiple vitamins and minerals. Your body gets Vitamin C, A, E, fibers, and antioxidants to increase your immunity. You should include it in your meals to strengthen your bones, cardiovascular health, and weight loss. 

It is best when you steam or stir-fry broccoli. If you are suffering from hypothyroidism, then you should avoid eating it.

3. Eggs 

Eggs are one of the best foods to increase your immunity. Packed with Vitamin A, Omega, and Proteins, they help you lower cholesterol levels, the risk of heart diseases, and stroke. You can maintain your weight, diabetes, and keep your muscles strong.

Eggs are a great source of antioxidants, which helps to increase your body’s immunity. You can include upto 3 whole eggs in your meals per day.

4. Almonds

Almonds are an effective antioxidant for you. They provide you fibers, calcium, and Vitamin E to boost your overall health. You can improve your blood pressure, sugar levels, and cholesterol levels with regular almonds intake. You can even prevent the risk of diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer's, etc.

Almonds are a healthy snack. You can either add them in your salads or yogurt. It is advisable to take up to 28gm of almonds per day.

5. Garlic

Garlic is super-effective in boosting your immunity. It contains allicin and sulfur compounds that have multiple benefits. It can help you to improve your digestive system and intestine health. If you are suffering from hypertension, it can reduce your blood pressure levels too.

You can either chop or crush garlic to include it in your meals. You can also add it in your sauces, oils, pastes, etc. It is advisable to take 4 grams of raw garlic per day (for adults). 

6. Moringa

Moringa is very effective in boosting your immunity. It contains a high amount of protein, Vitamin A, C, E, and B. These antioxidant vitamins can strengthen your body’s ability to fight against infections. Moringa also has inflammatory properties that protect your body from chronic diseases.

You can go for buying Moringa powder. You can add it in your tea or smoothie to boost your immunity.

Foods That Weaken Your Immune System 

Processed foods can suppress your immunity to a great extent. When you consume foods or beverages high in refined sugar, they compromise your immune system and make your body susceptible to infections. Thus, to maintain your body's immunity, you should avoid eating foods like: 

  • Soda 
  • Alcoholic Beverages 
  • Fast food 
  • Candies, Jellies, and Gums
  • Ice creams 
  • Chips, Wafers and other processed food items

Increase Your Immunity with Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa is a natural ingredient known to strengthen your immunity system. It is an excellent source of iron, calcium, and Amino Acids. You can use Bael Wellness Moringa Leaf Powder is naturally processed. It is effective in boosting your energy levels, skin, and your overall health. 

Bael Wellness Moringa Leaf Powder.


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