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5 Make-Up Tips for a Perfect Look

For all those who think that getting a professional make up is rocket science, you would be surprised to know that you can get similar results at home. When you know what you want and exactly how you want it to turn out, then it should not take much time for you to get that perfect and stunning look. It is all about accentuating the essential features and doing away with unnecessary features that aren’t as favorable as they seem.

Here are 5 makeup tips that we have compiled to help you get that perfect look in no time at all. Check them out below.

Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

Blush is applied to add contour and definition to your cheek bones. It is not only about adding color, rather accentuating the features in the right manner. In order to get the perfect blush effect, determine your face shape and work your way accordingly. The way in which it is applied also makes a lot of difference. With the right strokes, it would be possible to accentuate your best features and also soften those that are perhaps too prominent.

Place Eye Highlights Carefu

The secret of naturally beautiful makeup is to get the placement of the highlights just right. Placement really helps you to get the perfect eye makeup that is subtle yet attractive. If you are planning to use lighter colors, then stick to the inner corners, middle of the eye and the lower portion of the brow bone. Don’t get hasty with dark colors yet. Apply the light ones first and then progress to the dark shades. This will help you to achieve a proper shade without going over the top with it.

Get Lipstick Ready with a Baby Toothbrush

You won’t get the best lipstick appeal unless your lips are healthy and well taken care of. A baby toothbrush will work just fine for gently exfoliating your lips and creating a healthy surface to apply your lipstick on. Don’t go about rubbing the toothbrush without using a proper exfoliate. Mix sugar and coconut oil for use as a homemade exfoliate. Apply this on the lips, keep for some time, and then use the brush to gently exfoliate. If you do not have the exfoliate mix with you, then you can use lip balm to work as a substitute. The lip balm might not be as effective as the coconut oil and sugar mix, but it does manage to get the job done.

Heat Your Lash Curler with a Blower for Perfectly Curled Eye Lashes

Do you need attractive curly eye lashes that remain that way throughout the day? Just heat up your eye lash curler with a blower for 3-5 seconds. When it is heated up, it should work similar to a curling iron and help the eye lashes to remain curled for the day. No longer would you have to keep using the curler to maintain the look. By pinching at the very base of your lashes, and then lifting the curler up into an inverted position, you would be able to get the most out of the curler. Not only does this particular technique help in keeping the lashes curled for longer, but also doubles the curls. Isn’t this cool?

The “Business Card” Mascara Trick

If you are running short on time and you need to apply mascara perfectly, then use the “business card” trick. In this method, one has to hold the business card behind the eye lashes and apply it in a back and forth motion while taking care to start at the roots. With this method, you can ensure that every lash is coated properly. Moreover, it doesn’t take a lot of time so you can always get a last minute touch up when you are running late.

A Healthy Face is the Secret to Great Make-Up

Without a healthy skin and a clear face, no amount of makeup would ever come out good. If you have spots or acne, then it is important to clean the face first and rejuvenate the skin. Tea tree oil works best for cleansing the skin and also moisturizing it. The oil can be added to a suitable carrier such as face wash or made into packs for applying on the face. Tea tree oil is known to promote the health of natural oils in the body and this leads to a healthier and fresher looking skin. Try out Tea Tree Oil today and get rid of skin problems naturally and effectively.

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