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Do You Really Need a Bath Pillow?

When you think about the comforts of home, spending time in a hot tub seems quite appealing. Why shouldn’t it? After all, it helps the body to relax after a tiring day and it also gets your blood flowing. But are you sure that you are not missing out on something? The edge of the bath tub is not meant to provide the correct support for keeping your head and neck in a comfortable posture. This is why a bath pillow is suggested for those who like spending some time in a hot tub.

We checked out some reviews shared by actual users who have tried a bath pillow. Here are some of the things that they highlighted.

“Great for a Stiff Neck”

These days, neck pillows come with memory foams that adapt to your body’s contours. This makes the pillow a personalized comfort product that is specifically suited to you. The bath pillow provides proper support to the neck and head when the person is lying down in the tub. Due to this, the pressure / stress in the cervical region is reduced and this helps in treating a stiff neck.

“This Makes Taking Baths So Much More Comfortable”

You can always keep a towel or an inflatable cushion to support your neck while taking a bath. But it just would not work out. The first thing that you will notice is that the cushion fails to stick to the surface of the tub. Obviously, the surface will be lined with soapy water that will make it difficult to stick the cushion to it. This isn’t the case with bath pillows. They have specially designed suction cups that stick to the surface, despite the presence of a slippery surface. With the bath pillow kept in a proper position, your bath would be much more comfortable and relaxing.

“Provides Cervical and Lumbar Support”

Bath pillows are designed to provide the correct angle while supporting the neck and the spine. If you lie in the tub in a wrong posture, then you can develop or worsen existing back problems. Bath pillows allow people who suffer from cervical disk problems, stiff necks, bulging disks, and those with back pain to tolerate bathing in the tub more comfortably.

Enjoy a Relaxing Bath With Bael Wellness Bath Pillow

The Bael Wellness Bath Pillow is designed to provide superior comfort and support for your neck and head. The pillow itself is anatomically configured to cradle the neck while supporting the head and aligning the back. The memory foam used in the pillow provides a personalized experience for every person. Unlike other bath pillows which develop off-putting smell after some use, the Bael Wellness Bath Pillow is not prone to such problems. In fact, the pillow is very easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the heart shaped design makes it cradle the head and the neck in a way that helps to treat neck pain naturally. Get yourself a Bael Wellness Bath Pillow today and experience relaxation like never before.

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