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Create Your Own Makeup Brush Cleaner Using Tea Tree Oil

The brush that you use for applying makeup is an important part of the makeup kit. It can be a bit of a hassle to keep the brushes clean and free from contamination. I am sure that you have already tried a lot of methods to clean it and remove all the makeup compound that gets stuck in the deeper sections of the brush. The makeup compounds have different components. You just cannot let them remain on the brush as it could affect the overall makeup. Also, it is not hygienic to leave them on the brush.

Have you tried tea tree oil for cleaning the makeup brushes? It is known for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and cleansing abilities. Since it is a natural oil, it has no significant side effects. It has been known to provide effective cure for skin problems. The oil can be mixed with various carriers to enhance its effect on the skin. For example, you can add it to your shampoo and apply it for treating hair problems. This is why tea tree oil is often recommended over other conventional methods as an effective treatment for dermatological issues.

Before you go ahead and create the makeup brush cleaner using tea tree oil, make sure that you don’t have an aversion to the smell of the oil. Although it is not a foul smelling liquid, it does have a particular smell which might not go well with some people. Also, you would need pure tea tree oil so make sure that you get the real stuff. Don’t end up getting a fake product as it will not be of any use to you at all.

Things You Will Need
  • · Small empty spray bottle.
  • · Pure tea tree oil
  • Alcohol (70%-91% isopropyl alcohol)
Preparing the Makeup Cleaner

This method is suggested for multi-purpose brushes, hands, implements and surface cleaners. You can always use it for any other brush that you use for applying makeup. When you have all the required materials with you, follow these steps to prepare the cleaning solution.

Mix one part pure tea tree oil to five parts alcohol in a small spray bottle. Make sure that the bottle is clean and dry. You would not want to get any moisture into the solution.

When the oil is mixed with the alcohol, then it will appear murky at first. But this will get clear as the alcohol emulsifies with the oil.

As the solution becomes clear, screw the cap onto the spray bottle and use it as and when required.

Cleaning the Brushes

Now that you have the cleaning solution prepared, you can clean the brushes any time you want. The cleaner can be used to clean all types of makeup, including waterproof eyeliner. It is also compatible with synthetic as well as natural fiber brushes. For cleaning the brushes, you can either spray it directly on the brushes, and clean them or you could spray the cleaning solution on to a clean paper towel and gently wipe the brushes clean.

It would be a good idea to spray a little cleaner onto your towel and wipe the color away if you intend to use the brush for multiple colors. This method will keep the brushes from getting saturated with the cleaning solution. Although the cleaner works pretty good and removes the makeup compounds from the brush, it is better to clean the brushes with a mild shampoo and conditioner every two weeks. This will ensure that the brushes are maintained in proper condition.

Avoid Skin Problems by Regularly Cleaning the Brushes

Proper sanitation for your makeup kit can reduce the occurrence of skin problems greatly. By using the tea tree oil cleaning solution, you will also be able to get rid of blackheads, acne and other common facial skin problems with no side effect at all. I personally recommend the Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil for use in the cleaning solution. It is highly effective and is known for its purity which is important for getting the desired results.

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