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6 Natural Foods to Treat Your Frizzy Hair

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Frizzy hair has been a very common hair issue since times immemorial. In the post-industrialized era of the 20th century, it became one of the causes for the advent of the haircare industry.

Till some time back there was a common myth related to frizz in the hair; frizz is related to curly hair. Although, viewpoints of women in studies have proven that frizz is not exclusive to curly hair only, women with straight hair also get frizzy hair.

Let us discuss in brief about the cause of frizzy hair

Well, it all boils down to hydration. The natural phenomenon of “frizziness” is when your hair dehydrated, the cuticles in the hair rise to let the moisture in from the surroundings. Although, they do not stop absorbing moisture beyond a point and the swell up, and that is the “frizz”.

There are thousands of products available in the market that give you frizz-free hair, yet there is no match to the natural ways to get rid of this common hair issue.

Here are 6 natural foods you can treat the frizziness in your hair.

Avocado - Avocado is categorized as one of the superfoods and that is not just a hype, but the fruit is tanked up with benefits. The proteins and oils in the Avocado smoothen the hair. Squash half Avocado, add a few drops of peppermint oil to the pulp. Before you apply it to your hair, shampoo them and squeeze the water out. Now apply the Avocado pulp you made and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse.

Coconut oil - Another great food item is coconut oil. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft as it is heavy, and so it is recommended to use it fewer quantities. Probably the simplest way to cure fizziness of your hair, all you need to do is, to apply a tablespoon of coconut oil to the frizzy hair. Shampoo the hair the next morning. 

Banana & Olive oil - Banana is a great source of potassium which helps in keeping the blood pressure consistent. It is not only good for blood pressure but the banana is amazing for your frizzy hair too. Mash 1 banana and add a tablespoon of olive oil to it. Apply the resultant pulp to your hair and massage the hair and scalp as well. After 30 minutes, rinse.

Sugar water - It may sound weird, but sugar could make your hair get rid of that irritating fizziness. Mix a tablespoon-full of crushed sugar in a cup of water. Spill the solution in your palms and run it over the dry hair. You just applied a homemade hairspray.

Pumpkin and Honey - Nothing could be as great as pumpkin and honey. Pumpkin is rich across a spectrum of vitamins including A and C. It also has elements such as potassium and zinc and contains beta-carotene. Honey is a natural humectant which means it reduces the loss of moisture. Once again squash the pumpkin to a pulp and add 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey to it. Now apply the pulp to your hair, let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse.

Apple Cider Vinegar - The apple cider vinegar smoothen and clarify hair cuticles, the reason behind the luster in the hair. You just have to add a tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar in half a cup of water. Pour the solution over your frizzy hair. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse.

Bael Wellness Bentonite Clay is a 100% natural clay which is a great way to get rid of frizzy hair without any side effects. The Indian healing clay with turmeric and cloves powder smoothens and adds luster to your hair.

Avocado Coconut Oil Banana and olive oil
Sugar Water
Pumpkin and honey
Bael Wellness Bentonite Clay

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