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Why the Bael Wellness Seat Cushion is the best for chiropractors

As a blogger, it is inevitable for me to sit often. Sitting for hours is part of my job description because that is how I get work done. Unfortunately for me and other people who have no choice but to remain seated for the most part of the day, this is also a job hazard for us. In my case, it has caused some serious muscoskeletal issues that has led me to working closely with a chiropractor.

Discovering chiropractic has been such a boon to me because not only has it relieved my back and joint pains, it also introduced me to a whole new world of healing.

For the uninitiated, chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine that focuses on the muscoskeletal and nervous systems, and how these affect other health issues. In chiropractic, it is important to understand subluxations and its effect on the body. Subluxations are when two or more of your vertebrae aren’t functioning well. When this happens, you tend to feel pain, general discomfort and difficulty moving around. It also causes “miscommunication” between your brain and the rest of your body. This miscommunication is what causes many body aches. It’s like your body is sending you a message through the pain.

Chiropractors promote wellness by removing these subluxations, thus allowing your body to heal itself. Aside from managing various bodily aches and pains, regular chiropractic care is also immensely helpful for people who need to deal with stress and tension-related disorders, as well as for promoting greater flexibility, balance and even better sleep.

I’ve personally experienced all these benefits, and it has made me sort of an advocate for chiropractic. I go in for regular sessions to help manage the ill effects of sitting for hours on my body. In addition to chiropractic, healthier diet, more exercise, proper posture, my chiropractor also recommended that I use a seat cushion. In particular, he recommended the Bael Wellness Seat Cushion.

When it was first recommended to me, I naturally looked it up online and I was impressed by the really positive feedback on the product. When I tried it myself, I was even more impressed. It provides instant relief from hip pain and pelvic pressure, and, aside from being a constant work seat accessory, I especially like to use it for long drives and even for flights.

The Bael Wellness Seat Cushion is made from thermo sensitive, high quality, organic memory foam. It really provides firm support, and its cut out section is medically proven to keep pressure off the lower thigh, help position hips for better alignment and posture, and of course relieve pressure points on the pelvic bone and relieve backbone aches.

It’s also very durable—it doesn’t flatten even with prolonged use and I’ve seen how it can manage different body types.

According to my chiropractor, the Bael Wellness Seat Cushion is a top choice even among chiropractors because of its medically proven orthopedic features. They recommend it to all their patients especially to those who have bruised tailbones, hernia, and pressure ulcer. As chiropractors, they also like the fact that it has a natural balance ball effect so it relieves back pain naturally.

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