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Benefits of Using a Bath Pillow

Very few things are as relaxing as lying down in the bath tub and rejuvenating your body with hot water and a much needed break from the hustles and bustles of life. After a tiring day, stepping into the bath tub and unwinding yourself is one of the best way to relax yourself. But have you ever wondered about the possible implications of the incline of the sides of the tub on your neck and back?

Being inside the tub is quite relaxing and people do spend quite a long time in it. But if appropriate measures are not taken, then bathtub injuries could occur. I am sure that you would not want these injuries to become obstacles in your life. This is why you should use a bath pillow for positioning your neck and back in a proper manner which would greatly minimize the chances for back injuries.

The bath pillow is a simple cushion made from water resistant materials and it has suction cups to allow for better gripping. The surface of the tub can be a bit slipper due to soap and water. These suction cups attach onto the top of the ridge and to the wall of the tub. In case these cups do not stick properly, you can always apply a little water to the suction cups and then use them. This will help you to achieve a better grip.

A heart shaped bath pillow (Source: Bael Décor Bath Pillow) This simple yet really effective cushion helps to maintain proper alignment of the neck and the back so that spinal pressure is minimized. With a reduction in stress levels for the spine, you can spend longer durations in the tub enjoying hot water baths (in winter) and cold water baths (in summer). Since your back would not be subjected to a lot of stress, you would be able to prevent sore backs (generally associated with long periods of stress on the spinal cord).

The next time you make a plan to spend a long time in the bathtub, make sure that you have a bath pillow handy. It has helped a lot of people to avoid back pains and has brought them relief in a natural manner. For prolonged discomfort or uneasiness, do get yourself checked up.

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